Think it is almost time

  1. These couple of days, I have been experiencing cramps. So I guess it is almost time for me to deliver. I am so excited and yet afraid at the same time. Hmm... I hadn't decide whether to go natural or a C-section. So I guess that is what is making me jittery.Will keep U gals posted on the delivery process. Wish me luck
  2. Good luck. Will this be your first child?? How many weeks are you along?

    I'd get to deciding quick, because not all hospitals will be able to accommodate your wish for an elective c-section if you decide on the last minute.
  3. good luck hon. my due date is in 4 days and i still havent felt anything yet...
  4. good luck and keep us posted! I've started to feel some small contractions too but they haven't been constant. I WAS due Sept 17 so my DS is a little late. He's sitting on a nerve and it's KILLIN' ME!!!

    Are you experiencing the same thing out of curiosity?
  5. I am kind of slow in deciding coz of my 1st C section. It hasn't been that good for me. It took me a long time to heal. And this time round my 2nd pregnancy hasn't been all that great. I had bad nite sickness, I couldn't eat and my placenta was low lying etc. These couple of days, the cramps has been slow but constant so I am on the look out for stuff like water bag bursting or seeing red spots. I am hoping to deliver over the weekend. Hahaha. So if U gals dun see my posts, well I guess thast is it. Once I delivered, I will post which method I choose :dothewave:
  6. Good luck and best wishes for a easy delivery!
  7. Good luck!!!!
  8. Good luck!!!
  9. madmadtoo good luck and keep us posted yeah...have you packed your overnite bag yet? & stuff for the baby too?
  10. good luck. I think alot of tPF deliveries are happening w/in the next two weeks. You'll be in good company. :smile:
  11. :yahoo:Good luck! Were right here with you when you need us~ I too face the same decision as you...I empathize:yes:
  12. Hope all goes well.....for a safe delivery.....!!!!
  13. Good luck!