Think I'm officially done with Ebay........

  1. So, I got my LV MC black Speedy today (you might remember my post about it), and it REEKS of smoke!! :sad: There are also black marks on the handles and the emblems on the bottom corners of the front pocket are starting to rub off. In the auction is says it's from a smoke free home (NOT) and that there are no signs of use!!

    Is there anyway to get rid of the smoke smell? How should I handle this?

  2. Oh no, I'd definitely contact the seller and ask for a refund/partial refund.
  3. I'd contact that seller ASAP and let 'em know the condition of the bag. If all that crap's not mentioned in the description (cos sometimes, they'll tell you if the bag's in poor condition), I'd get my money back.
  4. I would file a claim with paypal as a SNAD

    Good luck - its disgusting that the seller sent this out in this way
  5. Well, if you want to keep the bag, take some Bounce sheets and put them in a ziploc bag. Leave the ziploc bag open inside the bag. The smell should go away in a few days.

    If you don't want to keep the bag, definitely file SNAD.
  6. Email the seller and try to get your money back! I had the same problem a few days ago (bag was described as excellent condition - no way!)... seller accepted to take it back. Good luck and keep us updated!
  7. Or if you're feeling brave, I've found febreeze to work much better on smoke smells. I used it inside a kate spade purse and it worked within 2 'doses' :p I've used dryer sheets inside my LVs, and it takes about a week and I think it mostly just covers up the smell.

    But definitely ask for a refund or get your money back.
  8. Sorry about that...I completely understand...I would ask for a refund or if I completely totally loved the bag treat it for the odors...Personally I hate smoke so it would have to go back.
  9. I think the advice here is right and it really turns on whether or not you want to try and make good with the bag and keep it or simply feel cheated and want your money back. That is your call, of course, but you probably need to decide quite quickly. . . .It is only an observation, but it sounds from your description like you feel pretty ambivalent about this bag and I am guessing it wasn't a casual investment? So maybe, a SNAD claim is the only way to go?
  10. I have such an adversion to smoke that I would insist that they take it back. They should since their ad lists specifically that it is from a smoke free home. Don't keep it if you won't be completely happy with it. It's not worth it. Good luck!
  11. I agree with kindacris. Send it back, tell her that it was grossly misrepresented. I can't tolerate smoke. Good luck!
  12. The bag is not as described so contact the seller & ask for refund full if you want to return or partial if you want to keep.
    Sorry I can't help with getting rid of smoke smells UGH!
  13. Cigarette smoke is a non-negotiable if you're a non-smoker!

    If you really want the bag, then have a go at airing it, but contact the seller, explain the situation and try and get a partial refund. If you're ok with not having the bag, I would contact the seller first and negotiate a return and full refund first and if that doesn't work, move on to SNAD.

    Good luck!
  14. I would try to leave it outside to get some fresh air and put a bounce dryer sheet inside. But I don't recommend keeping it. The condition of the bag sounds horrible. Even if you get the smell out, what about the rubbed-off corners? Are Lv Mc bags suppose to rub off like that?
  15. If you plan on keeping it, just air it out. I had a friend spill a whole beer on my wapity, and I got the smell out. I just hung it open in front of a fan for several hours a couple of days in a row and poof the smell was gone.