Think I'm going to learn a $140.00 lesson....

  1. Ok...I'm such a noob when it comes to designer bags. I searched on ebay, and won this auction using BIN. THEN I found this site, hehe. Couple red flags (I know now) are...I think she's used a stock photo, and when I look at her other auctions, she's got a crapload of bags, though not all the same design. She's a powerseller, which drew me in, and of course now I know that doesn't neccessarily mean anything. So...can someone look at the auction page and tell me if you've heard anything, good or bad about this person? The item number is:


    I used BIN late late late on June 29th to order it. It's now July 2nd, and I haven't heard anything, which makes me nervous...but then again, this person could be on a July 4th holiday as well. Should I just chill out for a few more days, or continue to sweat??
  2. Hm. I'm not sure what to tell you Fataliya. If it makes you feel any better some of her feedback does say she sold them authentic items and in good condition.
  3. I just looked at her feedback again, and compared when the feedback was posted, versus when the auction was closed. One closed on June 22nd, and feedback was left on July 1st, so I'll give it a couple more days. Now, when/if I actually GET the bag, I'll take some pics and post em here to find out if I got duped or not. And thanks again!
  4. ^ We're here for you! Heres hoping for a good turn out!
  5. her feedback doesn't show any red one's accused her of selling any fakes and I'm pretty sure that's NOT a stock photo--if you look carefully you can see Coach Factory on the tag and the bag itself looks good. gl darling! I'm fairly certain you can enjoy the weekend instead of worrying

    edit to add, CUTE bag!
  6. Thanks...this will be my very first expensive (for me) bag. Hell, my husband and I make $120k a year combined, but we also have a new house and 4 kids, so I'm not used to spending money like this. My current purse came from the Guess outlet, and I buy most of my clothes at Walmart, hehe. :shame:

    BUT....I've spent the last two days here and can feel myself turning into a brand whore, at least for bags...I love LV, Balenciaga, Fendi and Coach. I LOVE the Chanel pink quilty one, but that is wayyy too expensive for me, at least right now.

    *sigh* I need to win the powerball....:love:
  7. Welcome to the forum! It can be quite addicting.
  8. I don't think that is a stock photo, I bet you will be pleased with the bag. It looks authentic to me, for what that is worth.

    Good luck and welcome!! :smile: Let us know when you receive it.
  9. Urbane Luxe is a good seller. Don't worry. It is annoying that they only provide one photo. Just laziness I guess.
  10. Good luck with it and let us know what happens.
  11. I just got an email from the seller. She WAS out of town on holiday, and she said my bag will be shipped first thing Monday! Yay!!
  12. Good for you, Fayaliya! And welcome to tPF!
  13. Good for you, Fataliya! And welcome to tPF!
  14. That is awesome! So excited for you :heart: Congratulations on the new house as well!

    I'm gonna add urbanluxe to out reputable sellers thread. Also, I know some PFers who sell on eBay that only put up one photo :Push: Shame on you guys! LOL :shame: JK.
  15. I don't think you were duped. After looking at most of what that seller has sold I am pretty sure they all come from the outlet. Look at the leather label inside the bag when you get it. There should be a circle imprinted on the upper corner of the label, the right side I believe.