Think I'm Getting Scammed

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  1. #1 Oct 14, 2012
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    I sold a pair of Louboutins on eBay last week. I shipped the shoes out (with a tracking number & insurance). The tracking says it was delivered on Friday. The bidder (who only had 1 feedback before mine.. Stupid me!) just messaged me saying they haven't received the item yet. I have more than enough proof that I did send out the item on time and that it was delivered + I used insurance. I contacted the buyer and told them to contact the USPS. What should I do now? I'm thinking about contacting eBay to give them a heads up on the situation.
  2. Did you use signature confirmation?

    I'm assuming that they were over $250.00.
  3. I didn't, they were under $250
  4. Was the address a house or apartment? Try street viewing it... does it look like a place where packages could be easily stolen?
  5. It was to a house.. Looks like a decent neighborhood to me
  6. Then you're covered.

    Even if they later file a chargeback, you're still covered under seller protection.
  7. As long as you have some type of elivery confirmation that can be viewed online by eBay you really don't need to worry. Send the buyer a message with the tracking number and the link to the web site where she can it and leave it at that.
  8. Yes!!! Now I'm relieved.. Thanks for being so helpful :smile:, I just spoke to someone from eBay customer service and they told me I should be fine also.
  9. Total would be $250 or more including shipping so they went for less than that? You would be covered if DC shows it went to the address on the paypal payment.

    I would call the PO first thing in the morning, before the carrier leaves for his or her route.
  10. This. It is very important to include the shipping cost into the sale price when deciding if it´s over $250 (ie. will need sig.confirmation).

    I would also call the PO asap. If the buyer claims to not have received them it is the seller who needs to follow up with the carrier. The seller/sender needs to file an insurance claim with the PO or start the investigation.

    Good luck!
  11. Just out of curiosity, does that hold true if you offer free shipping?

  12. If you offer free shipping it certainly is something that should be factored

    into your price..

    In any case, these days, one really has to be pro-active about making sure the

    item gets delivered & as we have discussed many times on the forum, if you

    can afford to take the hit of a lost or never received item, then don't use

    delivery or sig confirmation..

    Think now, one has to use more than one service that USPS provides..

    Sending a pair of Loubie shoes even under $250, I would have used

    signature conf in addition to insurance & delivery conf w/online tracking

    for the extra money it equals piece of mind, IYKWIM...
  13. I think it does. If a claim is filed by the buyer PP will add the sale price + shipping fee to decide if it needs signature confirmation or not. It won´t matter if you offered free shipping since it is the factual cost that will be added. At least that is my understanding.
  14. I usually have sig confirmation with anything expensive. But I did purchase something before, had the confirmation say delivered and the item dropped off in front of my door many weeks later. The buyer might be telling the truth and its a postal office error, tell him/her to wait a few more days