Think I will sell/trade big pocket...

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  1. there a place on the forum specifically for trading? I know there is one for eBay, but I would rather give a PF person dibs before I list on eBay, especially with the problems associated with eBay lately! I would like to trade for another Paddy...the medium pocket or something similar in size/shape. I am open to suggestions! Feel free to PM me, or let me know the "appropriate" place for this post! Thanks!

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  2. Market place, just put in WTS/WTT in your title. It doesn't need to be an ebay auction anymore either
  3. I :heart: that bag!!! Would you take a shaven head???
  4. LOL! Then I would need the bag to carry it!
  5. Thanks! I will post it there!
  6. LOL
  7. is now posted as WTT/WTS in the marketplace (or will be once our moderator approves it). Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know how long it takes for a post in Marketplace to be approved? I am not seeing mine. It has been a while since I posted it...just hoping I didn't *not* post it by mistake?!
  9. Hi,
    I think your bag is beautiful. You were wondering if I would like to trade my anthrocite paddy, but I think the big pocket bag is a little too big for me. Great offer though. Thanks!
  10. No problem!:biggrin: I am sure someone here would like to give it a good home! Hopefully it will be up on the Marketplace soon!
  11. I have a ton of Guccis,Pradas ,Fendi,LV's....anything other than Chloe you would trade with...???
  12. Hmm. Maybe a Spy or a LV multicolour Speedy? Haven't really thought about that. Willing to consider!
  13. Let me know what kind of bags you like.I have quite alot of them...some never worn( I feel too guilty to return ones my hubby bought me)....I love your bag...and I like my bags big....the color is amazing...
  14. The dark brown Box is back up on the Bergdorf and NM site if you're still interested.
  15. Thanks Roey!