Think I was scammed - help

  1. I think I was scammed. I made a purchase for a handbag online, and paid via PayPal. The seller had 1 eBay feedback. After making payment a week ago, I have not heard back from the seller despite numerous emails. I did an eBay contact information request and got their phone number, and tried calling but got a generic voicemail and left a message. Still nothing.

    So today I filed a dispute with Paypal. Immediately after filing the dispute, it said that the seller is unable to respond to the dispute at this time and to escalate to a claim (does that mean that the seller is no longer with PP???). I also noticed they were Unverified.

    Few questions for you experts:
    1) I escalated to a claim on PP. However, since I paid with AmEx, is it faster to do a chargeback? And if this is the case, and PayPal can't get the money back from the seller, will they hold me accountable and limit my account?

    2) I tried tracking the seller down. Looked up the registered eBay name on Intelius and the phone number. Strange thing is, registered ebay name, email address and phone number belong to THREE different names. However, I know that the email (an aol email) is her email because she responded and used it to send me photos. Not even sure if the phone number is hers or even the name. I want to report this person but I'm not sure what is the fastest way. Also got the original ebay user name's home address. Will this help?

    Any answers would be very much appreciated! Thank you all!!
  2. call amex and see what they recommend. CC's are usually vdery helpful with fraudulent activity. Good Luck!!!!
  3. Most cards want you to go through PP first. Then when they decline, you call them.
  4. If you don't go through pp first, I believe that they will freeze your account. File as an item not received. If the seller can't prove delivery, they will probably find in your favor, but if there's no money in her pp account, then pp may not be helpful. Unfortunately, because she has virtually no ebay history, ebay insurance won't cover you.
  5. Call Amex right away. I wouldn't bother with paypal.
  6. ^^ ditto, only deal with amex :girlsigh:

    p.s. i'm so sorry this happened to you!!!

  7. :yes::yes::yes:
  8. thanks guys!
  9. I agree with calling AMEX first. This had happened to me a few years ago. I was sold some fake Tiffany bracelet (man was it ugly) and the lady said that she would refund me. Well I waited several days and had received nothing from her, so I called my CC company and they did what they called a courtesy credit until they investigated the matter. Luckily she did refund me that same day and I called my CC company back and cancelled their credit. AMEX is there for you, not her. Good luck to you...I really hate hearing things like this. It is a shame that there are so many dishonest people out there :cursing:
  10. thank god you paid with amex!!
  11. Just go through your credit card. Paypal has the most stupidest rules and all these waiting periods. If the seller can't contact you, it's their loss.
  12. Find out how long you have to file with your credit card (you have a while) and then go through PP first, if you want to be able to use your PP account after this. Filing with Amex first may provide more instant gratification, but it violates PP procedures and I think you will wind up with a deficit in your PP account which will then remain there and prevent you from using your account. At least, that's my understanding. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Thanks everyone, for your helpful feedback! You don't think PayPal will freeze my account if I ask AmEx for a chargeback?
  14. As soon the AMEX has the record, you can stop or make a dispute on it.
  15. Bunkie please keep us updated!

    PS Was it a lot of money???