Think I stumbled upon a Hermes Birkin 35...Now What?

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  1. Hello, this is my first post here and I hope you all can help. While out shopping at a thrift store the other day I came across a Hermes bag and knowing the brand and coveting it for years immediately grabbed it. However I'm now how sure how to authenticate it. I've watched tons of videos and read blogs and it ticks those boxes. My research says its a 2008 Tolgo Gold with Silver hardware. I'm not sure if I should try an authentication service online. I live in a state that doesn't really have a place I could take it. It's a bit overwhelming every time I look at it and I'm not sure what to do next.
  2. We have an authentication thread here but it's not for purchased bags. is the gold standard for authentication of Hermès, and on her website you will find a list of the exact photos she needs in order to do this for you. This would 100% be my recommended next step.
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  3. Try A true expert.
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  4. How much did you pay for it? Can we see pics?
  5. I’m a bit embarrassed about how much I paid for it. Especially if it turns out to be real.
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  6. Soooo how much did you pay for it? :smile:
  7. $4
  8. I hope it's real!!!
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  9. I would not spend the money to have it authenticated.
  10. Thanks for telling us, and that is hysterical, good for you--real or not!
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  11. Don't be embarrassed! if it is real, you hit the jackpot!!
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  12. Congrats. Now I know I need to label the boxes for my heir so that she won't sell my bags for 25 cents each. ;)
  13. Real or not, higher ROI than any lottery ticket I’ve ever purchased. Enjoy the bag!
  14. How fun! I hope it turns out to be real!
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  15. Following this because I'm dying to know!
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