think i saw an ultimate softish bag in a croc leather?

  1. i couldn't get a good view, but from the side, it definitely looks like the ultimate soft, but it wasn't a leather w/ quilted stitching, the leather definitely looked like it had some sort of pattern, like croc or lizard or something...was it the ultimate soft i saw? or was it something else? it was gorgeous!
  2. Where did you see it? In a store or on someone's arm?
  3. The rock and chain came in leather, but it's something like $27K or $36K. or handbag, let me think.
  4. it was on someone's arm.
  5. I've seen pics of an ultimate soft in bright coral. There is a pattern on the leather almost like a braid. I believe there is a pic of it in the reference section. Search sombrero and see if that's the bag. My husband saw it at the boutique and raved -- "it's a beauty, a work of art." The price is $2524, I think.
  6. I have the bag and posted photos in the reference library, also in the main Chanel forum. It was $2425 :shame: But definitely not croc, maxter posted a picture and it's a beauty, but just a little on the $$ side!!!
  7. yes, i've seen pics of those, damn they are beautiful! but the one i saw yesterday definitely is not a quilted look, it was like a lizzard skin or something of the sort...maybe it was a fake?