Think I received the wrong strap for my BOX

  1. Isn't the box strap supposed to be a little longer? I received my Grenat box from BAL NYC about 2 weeks ago and just went to use it. The strap seem REALLY Short!:sad: Does this look right?

    * I sold my Cornflower box so I can't compare.
    me greant.JPG
  2. It's hard to tell not knowing how tall you are...but the box strap is suppose to be 27" long.

    Your new bag is gorgeous :drool: congrats!
  3. It looks right. and gorgeous too I might add
  4. I had looks right to me..beautiful bag, congrats!!
  5. I am getting a Box for the first time and I like the way it hangs on you, Z&J! And the color... Hmmmm, this is making me want to go fro some red-toned Bbags!
  6. When I first received my box I thought the same thing. I had to measure it and compare it to my city strap before I believed that I had received the correct one. Congrats on your box! I love the style and color!!
  7. Thanks everyone. I feel better now that I received the correct strap
  8. Ditto here. I did the same thing. It was definitely longer than my City strap, but not 27". So I don't think that all boxes come with exactly a 27" strap, but they should definitely be longer than the City's strap.