Think I Need Some Opinions on My New Friend, Lillian...

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  1. So, ladies. As some of you know, and some have been wondering about, I ordered some ivory leather Lillians from Saks this past weekend. I adore the color and style of the Lillian but my concerns when I ordered (walkability, comfort, fit) all kind of came to light today. I wore them around the house taking pictures and changing for about 20 minutes and my feet were in quite a bit of pain by the time I took them off. Granted, I was walking mostly on plush carpet, but even when I got to tile they were pretty painful. I also have a little bit of heel slippage, but I think a Foot Petals heel insert would fix that problem. How do they look? Do they look too big? Will I get use to the feel of them? Do my toes look like sausages?? LOL Thanks for your opinions, ladies! :biggrin: (and seriously, if they are not good opinions, TELL ME!)





  2. they look amazing on you.. i love how you pair them with that white dress, perfect look for summer.. i think u'll get used to them eventually.. they loook great honestly ;) i want them in that color tooooo ^^
  3. meggy!!! you got them! I love the look of the Lillians ( Rolandos, etc. ) but can't wear them because of the amount of toe cleavage ... and I have what I guess would be considered long toes. Anywho, I think they look great on you! Maybe a bit big, but like you said that can be fixed with a small pad. It is a lot of toe cleavage, but I think that's just the cut of the shoe. They are not the most comfortable CL, but I think they would be great for your climate, and the ivory looks amazing against your skintone.

    Is it the way the shoe feels or is it the toe cleavage that is giving you pause? If you don't love, love, love them then you should probably let them go. There will be plenty of other styles that can take their place!

    Can't wait for you to get your Barcelonas! You are the wedge queen!
  4. meggy - they look great but honestly the Rolando (which the lillian basically is) can be a hard shoe for some people to wear (me!:rolleyes:). The kid are easier than the patent, but I don't know how much better they will get. I am now trying to force myself to send a pair of Rolandos back b/c I just won't wear them.

    Do you own any Rolandos?
  5. thanks maianh!! That is an outfit I'm contemplating for one of my bridal showers... assuming I keep the Lillians :P

    Yessss surly I did get them! I couldn't resist them in that color. I'm not really worried about how much toe cleavage is showing, just that my toes might look like mini sausages. If they don't, then I am fine with the amount of toe showing. The thing mainly giving me pause is that they aren't that comfortable (not that I expected them to be!) It's mainly the balls of my feet that hurt. They aren't hard to walk in, which I think is due to the platform, but the balls of my feet start aching after a little bit of standing in them.

    fmd, no, I do not own any other Rolandos. I did own the Ariella Clous but they ended up being too small for me in the end. I'm worried about them never getting more comfortable either! They do have a decent amount of give and the leather is super gorgeous and soft, but that's not where the issue is. It's the balls of my feet that is the issue!!
  6. I love them and think they look great on you! I tried them on and loved them. I did not find them to be uncomfortable but 'too much toe cleavage' was my first thought.....however, after about 10 minutes it didn't seem like so much cleavage after all!

    But if you don't love them, then put the $ toward another pair!
  7. I think that if you need to ask for opinions, you probably shouldn't be keeping them. :sad: Maybe you could try walking around in them with a pad and see how you feel. It really takes a while to get used to higher heels.

    They do like great on you, though. :smile:
  8. I think they're cute :smile: Personally if I don't love them right away I usually wear them once or twice and end up selling them. So if you don't love them I suggest you find something else :smile:
  9. Laureen, you're probably right. If I'm on here asking for opinions................... the problem is is that I really do like them, I like how they look, I LOVE the color and the style... it's just the comfort. I wish I was better at walking in heels!!!

    Liza, that's a good point.. if I don't love them then I won't wear them. I know I would wear them to my shower, once, and then if they were unbearable on my feet I would be scared to put them on again!! Why can't I just be good at walking in heels (non-wedge ones!)!?!?
  10. Meggy, I think they look gorgeous on you! The walking will take some getting used to, but think about all the other pairs that maybe you could start wearing once you are used to it. ::graucho smiley:: my smileys arent working, anyways, thanks for taking the pics bc they have made me even more excited for mine to come!!
  11. aww thanks Brintee! I know you're excited for yours!! I am gonna put them on again and walk around the house I think. I really would rather not take them back if I don't have to, but if I can't walk in them, then they aren't worth keeping!
  12. If it's the ball of your foot that hurts, maybe try a foot petal or dr. scholl's insert just for that part of the shoe. It should push you foot back into the heel in addition to giving you a bit of relief. I agree that they do look a tad big, and something like these inserts might to double duty by taking up that extra space and taking some pressure off the tender areas of the foot.

    Hope they work out for you - they look great!
  13. They look GREAT on you!!!! The Leopard Tigresse would look really good with that dress you are wearing ;)
  14. I think they look great on you :tup: I know they're not the comfiest but the straps help a lot!
  15. Meggy I think they look great on your feet :smile:

    I have the Lillian in black patent and my toe cleavage looks about the same as yours. I'm in winter now and they're a beautiful winter shoe with tights. If I had the ivory pair (and I do want them :graucho: ) I'd be wearing them now with a black dress and black tights to really highlight the triple buckles.

    I'm prepared for a certain level of pain with heels. I don't find the Lillian's especially uncomfortable and they do stay strapped to your foot, unlike some of the other higher styles... but send em back if they're not good for you!