Think I have to give up my Stephen search :(

  1. DH and I got in a big fight last night about buying a new bag since he just bought a new TV and he doesn't want to buy two "big" things in one month. Even though it's my birthday in a few days, and I did not want the TV.

    So I guess the Stephen will be my "reward" bag for when I lose 10 pounds...hopefully within the next month (what? if I can lose 2 1/2 pounds a week for 4 weeks, that's 10 pounds, right?? And I'm already a week into my diet...)

    I don't really have anything to complain about, I'm just super bummed and hoped y'all would feel my pain. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. that's awful! i feel so bad for you. why would he buy a TV right before your birthday? i like your style: shed some weight, gain a purse. in one month you'll feel better than you've ever felt and you'll look gorgeous with your new stephen.
  3. Oh darling I'm so sorry for the fight and the diet...I understand you very well...I hope it was your decision to lose the weight! I lost 30 kilograms aprox 60pounds in 3 months and I know what hard diet means...
    Our thoughts are with you..
  4. oh and congrats on the bag...I'm sure you are gonna make it in the end!
  5. you 'll get what u want soon! i beleive in fate and faith!
  6. Happy early birthday! I don't understand why he'd buy a TV you don't want right before your birthday...that stinks. :sad: I hope you get the Stephen soon!
  7. (sniffle sniffle) thanks everyone. I knew y'all would understand...
  8. You've turned something negative into a positive in that you decided to lose 10 pounds and reward yourself later. You may be disappointed for the time being, but when you eventually get your Stephen, you'll forget this little episode and be downright ecstatic when you finally get it in your hands. AND you'll look terrific sporting your new lighter self and your new bag! Best of luck and have a wonderful birthday!!!
  9. You can do it! Best of luck, Im rooting for you.

    What Stephen bag are you trying to get? Mono, Embossed, or Leopard?
  10. mono! I love love love the size....I want it sooooo bad. And maybe Thin Me will be able to fit inside it :smile:
  11. Oh i am so sorry.
  12. So sorry. Getting the bag after you lose the weight is a great motivator!! I know, I did it for myself!!
  13. Thalillady, First off you do not need to lose a pound! You have an awesome bod! The kind that makes men drool! But, if it will make you more comfy with yourself...go ahead! You are truly a DW for dealing with your man's need for a TV...and he better know that! Your Stephen is right around the corner. Happy almost birthday!
  14. Oh I feel your pain, HUGS to you! I am impressed with your ability to channel the disappointing situation into somethiing positive. Just think how happy you will be in a month's time! A hot new bod and a new LV! I am sure that the Stephen will soon be within your reach, just keep thinking positive!
  15. Bummer.. that's a little unfair.

    Well, now that you've got a goal, you'll get there sooner than you think !