Think I got dodgy Collonil advice from a Mulberry concession.

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  1. About a month ago I splurged on two Mulberry handbags from HofF in Birmingham. The SA was lovely however she spoke to me about Collonil and said that the bags were already impregnated with enough Collonil to last six weeks. I took her at her word and started using the bags without applying any more Collonil (silly I know should have just applied more anyway). With the black bayswater I haven't been caught in the rain using but of course have been caught in the rain when out with the oak Anthony (silly colour to choose for my dog walking bag :rolleyes:). Thankfully the Oak doesn't appear to be water marked but the rain did soak in rather than run off. It has had a good application of Collonil now and the difference is marked the water now sits on the bag and can be easily removed.

    Is there any truth in the SA's comments that the bags are already treated or was she wrong to say this?

    My black bayswater has now had a good spraying and my new black Annie that I bought last week has been sprayed too.
  2. I have been told they have already been treated,and I think its true.It just does'nt last long or its just the natural gloss of the leather before it sort of starts to 'crack' open through use,my choc Roxy was ok for a bit,until I put her on wet park table,not thinking. God you'd have thought she was thirsty the amount she sucked up!!!! I dried her out,and then colliniled her to death,along with all the others.She still has a mark underneath,but you can't really see it as shes dark,plus she's got Sophies teeth marks all over her etc,so it adds to her character!!!
  3. Hmmm.... Yes I think its true also, but you should see the amount they put on the bag , when my sister bought hers from Mulberry concession they did the same for her bag .
    Squirt....squirt that was it......... as soon as we got out of the shop and back to mine I emptied 1/2 can on it at least.
  4. They didn't spray the bag but told me it was impregnated already.
  5. Oh right , sorry didn`t read the post properly !!!
    In that case you could of taken the bags back - if you had wanted to !!

    You don`t pay all that money for them to be trashed - straight away :smile:
  6. Thankfully the oak Anthony is OK, it thankfully hasn't watermarked but I was a bit silly to have trusted the SA on this one.