"Think Healthy" Losing 25 + LBS the Healthy Way! Who's With Me?

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  1. Hey tPF!

    So I currently author a style blog (link posted below) and to play on words a bit, I have decided to start a "Think Healthy" tpf thread. Although it may not look like it, I have GAINED 25 ++ lbs since last year due to a medication and taking time off from my job as a Pilates instructor.

    As I have stopped medication, I am back to feeling great and now I want to look great! I know I am not fat or overweight, however, I have small body type and this weight doesn't sit right on me. I feel awkward, I'm not in shape and I just want to get back to being ME!

    Even if I only lose 10 lbs, I'll be happy, I just need to get back into shape and into eating better! (However, my weight pre-meds was about 25-30 lbs lighter)

    Does anyone want to jump on this with me? I would love it if a few women who are kind of in the same boat I'm in who wouldn't mind sharing e-mails and posting their weight every Wednesday either on here or on a blog.

    For example, this upcoming week (starting Feb 8) I'm aiming for 3 good workouts and eliminating eating the chocolate at work and I'll weigh in this upcoming Wednesday.

    My old weight: 122 lbs
    My current weight: 148 lbs (oh. my. god.)

    My first goal weight: 140 lbs
    My second goal weight: 135 lbs
    My third goal weight: 130 lbs

    My goal weight: 125 lbs

    Let me know if anyone is interested!
  2. Hey good luck with your goals! We currently have a thread with weigh ins on Monday... maybe you could join that!
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