Think Diet Coke Is Good For You? Think Again.

  1. Just a single soft drink a day, diet or regular, may contribute to an array of health conditions that can hurt the heart and lead to diabetes, researchers say. The results were surprising because so little soda increased the risk and because diet drinks, noteworthy for their lack of calories, had the same effect as sugary beverages.

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  2. I read this, I was "addicted" to DC for years and recently told myself NO MORE and I quit, Its been a few months now DC FREE!!! YAY!!

    Thanks for posting this, Its helpful information!!
  3. i always told myself diet coke was fine.. and better than coke.. i guess not
  4. I don't drink soda much anyways but when I do treat myself, I still prefer a diet coke. Just tastes better :shrugs:
  5. Any soda whether it's diet or BAD.
  6. drink unsweet tea now.
  7. Ever since I saw a tooth dissolve in a glass of cola in first grade, soft drinks have scared me. Diet or not, it's not a natural drink and can't be good for you...
  8. (not that everything natural is necessarily good for you :p)
  9. Thanks for the info, I never understood the point of diet sodas anyway and how some people swear by them..they don't even taste that great IMO.
    I'd rather have just one regular soda every so often than multiple diet sodas frequently, unlike so many people I know.
  10. Oh, I knew... I didn't like Coke anyways. I mostly drink Ice Tea or Cristal Clear or water.
  11. thx for the info! i do drink it once in a while, and now it makes me think twice about diet coke!
  12. I have been trying to get over my diet coke addiction, but it is tough. Maybe this will help motivate me.
  13. No pop is good for you.
  14. Luckily,
    I got off diet sodas, and now stick to pure H20.
    It's not easy, but it can be done!!
  15. I drink a lot less than I used to but I'll never cut it out completely I'm sure. I guess it's not as bad as smoking crack.