Think cheating in college is OK? Better think again....

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    Ohio U. revokes degree of student accused of plagiarism
    Wednesday, March 28, 2007 11:04 AM
    By Kathy Lynn Gray


    Ohio University has revoked the master's degree of a former engineering student accused of plagiarism.

    The former student, whose name the university won't release, was part of a probe into plagiarism among mechanical-engineering students stretching back to 1980.

    The revocation is the first in the investigation but may not be the last. At least 38 remain in various states of review by university committees.

    Of the original 55 cases studied, 12 students have been told to rewrite their papers and five have been told their papers are OK.

    Sixteen more cases will have hearings or reviews this spring. The status of the remaining 21 is unclear.

    The investigation began in 2005 after a graduate student pointed out numerous cases of what appeared to be plagiarism in mechanical-engineering theses and dissertations at Ohio University.

    Since then the university has begun scrutinizing theses and dissertations more carefully campus wide.
  2. BTW, from what I've read about this, the investigation started because a dude was looking at an old thesis while doing some research.

    He then looked at an even older thesis on the same topic. And guess what - it was the SAME EXACT PAPER.
  3. Yeah plagiarism is a big thing in uni/college these days. All the lecturers emphasize the need to reference the source when we use other people's material. The consequences are so scary :s

    I think there was an Aust. lecturer who had his degree stripped after he wrote a book but copied chunks of material, word for word, from another author.
  4. People who plagiarise are idiots. I realize that's general, and that I may not even know how to spell plagiarise, but I stand by it. I'm glad people are getting punished for it.
  5. 1980? This college doesn't have anything better to do with its resources and time?
  6. I think their advisors/profs at that time should be held accountable, too. They have an obligation to proofread and then read the dissertations. It's not that hard to check a reference or two and compare, especially because that is their job as professors!
  7. ^^^^ It's not just one or two sources. I'm writing my MA thesis right now and I have close to 50 sources. Professors don't have time to read all 50 sources. Even if they check half, you still have a 50% chance of getting away with it. Most people who plagarize are at least smart enough to not put the source they're copying from as the first few in their bibliographies or to steal from major names in the field.

    I agree with nerdphanie-plagarists are so stupid. It's taking such a huge chance. I can't imagine the humilation of being kicked out of a univeristy. Most of the time, it's easy to tell-especially in high school & college students simply because your writing level at high school is nowhere near as polished as it is at the MA or PhD level.
  8. I think here in Ukraine this problem is gross. There are hundreds of "agencies" where you can order a thesis or any written paper according to request. They mostly sell papers of students of other colleges and Universities, that were already submitted and got high marks. You can even find ads of these agencies in major newspapers! I found that totally disgusting, but you know, copyrights are weak in the country. Many friends of mine used that and actually got high marks!

    As I wrote my graduation paper myself, I found that very unfair!
  9. Unless the prof has read every paper/article/dissertation on the subject, then perhaps, but come on. Plagiarizing is plagiarizing cause you're not citing the source, so basically, the prof would have to read the paper and be able to pick out any part of it that he/she feels might have been copied. Not easy. But yes, I's dumb. The whole point of going to school is to learn. Why would you pay money for something you're not going to do?
  10. I had a friend who plagiarized Franz Kafka in highschool OAC English. The teacher thought he was brilliant. It annoyed me because heck...I can easily do that and get an A+ as well, but I have a conscience, and not only that but a real fear of consequences. The way she went on about his paper. *puke* lol The thing was...he was a smart kid, he didn't need to do that.
  11. In my philosophy class in college we had to do a paper on some philosopher :sleepy: ...well some students in the class ended up plagarizing and the professor copied the section of the exact book they got it from and taped it to their paper.:wtf: Then she got up in front of the class and said what happened and she said "I have a PHD in philosophy I know ever book thats ever been written about this philosopher...don't eff with me!" her voice was shaking like she was about to cry. Me and my friend had our heads down we couldn't stop laughing lol
  12. i cannot stand it when some people get away with not doing their own work! i am GLAD they are finally getting punished!!!!!
  13. Plagiarism is the bane of my existence when I'm teaching, but it doesn't happen as often as you might think. I've caught a few plagiarizers in my day (and had to go through all the administrative bs to deal with them), but for the most part students are honest about their work. My most recent catches have been frat file papers - papers that are obviously recycled from another class because all of their (internet) resource citations are dead and broken links. Plus the obvious xeroxing lines on the paper itself and the poorly deleted names tend to give them away.

    I'm surprised that some profs, as you mentioned, take it so personally. I get angry, but I don't see it as a direct reflection upon me as an instructor. I just hate to see a student wasting his/her time and me wasting my time to get it all taken care of.

    I wouldn't hold advisors responsible for stolen theses or disses, I mean, it's only within the last year or two that University of Michigan started archiving dissertations online. Before that you would have to have access to every bound paper copy of a dissertation on a given subject to check for stolen work. And a lot of universities won't lend out bound copies of dissertations. So theoretically you'd have to travel to every university to check every bound diss or thesis. That's just impossible. If one of your wormier students gets a friend at a different university to xerox a thesis and the student submits it as part of his/her work, there really would be no way of telling (until someone randomly catches the slip). Published articles or books would be much easier to identify.
  14. I have today at work been dealing with a student appealing against a decision to withhold his Masters due to plagarism in his thesis. I just think it is crazy to plagarise, I'm SO careful when I write my papers because my tutors are insanely knowledgeable about their subject, they know it inside out whereas I am only a lowly first year so they'd catch it if I ever was stupid enough to do it.

    My housemate's University has a computer programme that he has to run his papers through before submission which checks for plagarism. His last paper scored 6% on the plagarism scale.... when he checked it through with his tutor the computer programme had picked up a quote (fully referenced & used properly) as plagarism!
  15. Sometimes when a 15 page paper is due in two days and I haven't started reading the source material yet because I was busy working on other classes, I start to panic. But I would never think to plagiarize. I'd rather turn in my work and get a C- than copy and paste and hope the professor won't notice. More schools are adopting no tolerance policies; who wants to be an example?

    The type of plagiarizing that is most common is not the actual copying of words, but ideas from others. I find it amusing, especially in my philosophy classes, that people restate in their own words an obscure materialist theory and expect the professor not to notice. You are an undergrad, after all! Maybe the reason why this form of plagiarizing is so common because people don't know it actually is plagiarizing.