Things You've done to you bag that you would never do again

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  1. I just had a little incident with my Givenchy Nightingale the other day and I came to think about what NOT to do with you bags..:tdown:

    I just put an opened box of cottage cheese in my bag and obviously with my luck the lid fell off and I got cottage cheese water in my bag :shrugs: I almost cried and felt really stupid :noggin:

    Have you ever experienced something similar or am I the only one:whistle:
  2. In a rush, I put an pen into my bag with the tip exposed. I found very faint pen mark but now check twice before throwing a pen in my bag.

    I never put a bag in front of a drink, not even in the available seat. My ds knocked over an entire lemonade drink onto my bag once.

    If I have to carry snacks for the kids, I always bring an extra plastic bag with zip lock. Again, ds once fished for snacks and upended the entire chips bag!
  3. The stupidest thing I ever did was to a Donna Karan bag, years ago. I was buying a newspaper in a shop and as I started to open the bag the zip stuck. A queue started forming behind me and I was embarrassed about not being able to get into my bag. I gave the zip an almighty pull and the whole thing came off in my hand. I brought the bag to a repair shop but it ended up looking like Dr Frankenstein's handbag. I could never bear to carry it again, but nor will I ever act that impatiently again. In the future, customers can wait!

    The second stupidest thing was dyeing a perfectly good tan leather bag a horrible shade of blue. I should have left it alone.
  4. I was trying to put one of those keychain circles on the handle of one of my favorite Ugg bags and it got stuck and ended up scratching the handle. I'll never try to slide one of those keychain things again. It still makes me so mad thinking I kept forcing it.
  5. Dumped my brand new Ivory Lambskin Kooba bag in my daughters lap after I picked her up from pre-school. She had just had her hands stamped with red ink happy faces. Needless to say that I had red ink all over the front of my bag. I never carried her since and it has certainly cured me of ever wanting a light coloured bag!
  6. My friend's grandson was over her house for the weekend and she was painting the living room trim. She gave him a tiny paint brush and some water color paint and he ran to the table to paint in his coloring book. Sadly her new off white soft leather designer bag was on the table and he decided to decorate it too. I forgot the brand of her bag, she paid $800.00 for it on sale. About 3/4 of the paint came off with baby wipes but now the bag looks like a rainbow wash on it. She wears it with jeans and can laugh about it now. Another time he decorated part of her wallpaper in the bathroom with red lipstick....he was washing his hands and grabbed the lipstick in all of 2 minutes and did his art work. I joke and tell her he will be a famous painter when he gets older.
  7. I had a mishap when I first got my denim green LV pleaty bag. I had it hanging on the back of the kitchen chair and had a mop bucket with organic cleaner and water in it and somehow I grabbed something from the chair and the bag went flying and landed right in the mop bucket. I quickly got it out. Wiped down the leather with a cloth and turned it inside out and used a hair dryer to dry the inside and then did the outside. The bag was not damaged in any way--even the leather was perfect. I think I had the bag less than a month when I did this.....Nothing in the bag was damaged not even my cell phone.
    I can't count the times my husbands LV wallet has been through the washing machine in his jeans....
    He just take the hair dryer out and dries it and then stuffs it with paper towels for a day. It is like a joke now because I know every few months it will happen again.
  8. This is really silly, but when I was in high school I had a cheap, corduroy bag. It was baby blue (haha, I know) and it got really dirty, like you could slightly notice the baby blue turning gray. I ended up getting a smudge of who knows what on the front, it was probably food of some sort (from the lunch table at school) and I still carried it. I totally could have thrown it in the washer, but I was 15 at the time and I didn't really care.

    Other than that, no big mishaps so far.
  9. Oh man... I'll become the resident expert of this thread! :greengrin: I buy a lot of vintage bags that might need some love, and restore and modify them to fit my needs and preferences. I fell in love with this bag that was perfect in every way, except that it was the wrong color. Nevertheless, I bought it at (nearly) retail, and proceeded to dye it. I'd never done this before, and the process turned out to be a bit of an experiment. I had to try several kinds of dye, and strip the previous attempts in between. At some point I ran out of leather deglazer, and being impatient by nature, resorted to regular paint stripper.... BIG MISTAKE! It worked amazingly well, but also cracked the leather on my bag :sad:. I eventually fixed it (I think) with gallons of leather conditioner from the inside, and flexible paint and top coat on the outside to hold it all together, so to speak. But I still can't believe that my impatience caused me to stupidly hurt my favorite bag.
  10. Just name one stupid thing, right? :shame:

    We were at a friend's house for dinner and ds had a poopy diaper. I changed him (out of consideration for our friend), I put it in a zipped lock bag and put in back into my bag. Totally forgot about it when we got home. Next day, the bag reeked of poo (didn't zipped the bag properly). Had to air it out for a week before I can use it again.
  11. I put lotion and bosy spray in my bag. That was a mistake. I also used to use my bags more as diaper bags and one day I noticed that there were alot of cheese crackers in the bottom of my speedy. I was actually trying to sell it and when I opened it up to show the potential buyer there were crumbs in it.
  12. I had a brand new coach Kira in green, and the zipper was a bit sticky. I rubbed a bar of pure beeswax along the zipper, and it did unstick the zip a bit. But now, there are grease marks along the top of the bag's lining where it comes near the zipper. Not so nice.
  13. A few months after getting my speedy 30 (my first and only large LV bag so far) I decided not to waste anymore ziplock back on my toothbrush (braces lol, i always carry my toothbrush out to eat and stuff) so i put my toothbrush with toothpaste on it it one of those toothbrush holder. stupid me..they have tiny holes in the top and bottom to let the brush "breathe" or whatever. So now there is one large and one small white cirles on the linning of my speedy. the toothpast was the whitening kind with bleach in it. yep. :noggin:
  14. Went to nascar races ... sit in the VIP suites. You have to have your hand stamped to be able to go up the elevator to get to the suites. They stamped the top of my hand with red ink. I had lotion on my hands, so the ink did not immediately dry. You can see where this is going. Anyway, red ink got on the handle of my expensive bag. It never came off.

    The lesson I learned is not what you would think. I still carry my best purses, but I don't put lotion on the hand the ink is on, and I make sure they put the ink on the opposite hand that I carry my purse with. :lol:
  15. The worst thing I've done was to my white Michael Kors Astor. I was to carry it on the side against very dark denim. BIG mistake! I now have a blue stain on the part the purse that rubbed against my jeans.

    It took me forever to get most of it out. Mind you, I just got the purse a few days before this happened :crybaby:

    Lesson learned...