things your mom taught you?

  1. I don't mean stuff like "Keep you elbows off the table" or "Always wear nice underwear". I mean idiosyncratic things unique to your own mother. For example---I always, without fail, am compelled to go to the bathroom before I leave the house for any reason, even if I don't have to wee. This comes from childhood when our family used to take a lot of long car trips and our mom would always yell at us to go to the BR because Dad wasn't going to want to stop a hundred times, etc. It doesn't matter if I am only running up to the gas station to buy a pack of smokes and a popsicle, or something---the last thing I do before I leave is visit the lil girls' room.

    The other thing that has stayed with me is that a "lady" does not smoke in public. By "public" I mean walking down the street or sitting on a busstop bench--like that. To this day I just can't do it, or if I do for some reason I feel weird and trashy.

    How 'bout you ladies? Any unique "mom-isms"?
  2. What a great idea this post is ~thanks for thinking of it. I miss my Mom as she passed away when I was 23..... :sad: I have wonderful memories and I appreciate so much the things she taught me.

    I guess the #1 thing that sticks in my mind right now is "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Yes, I did repeat that to all of my children!! :roflmfao:

    OH ~ and my Mom also told me that a lady does not smoke in public. My grandmother (Mom's mom) always made me use the bathroom before we went anywhere ~ she said it wasn't healthy to stretch your bladder that way. :P (Yes, I passed these on to my daughters as well!)
  3. She always said, when people treat you badly you don't need to get back at them. What comes around goes around, and God doesn't like ugly. She was right.
  4. This isn't such a mom-ism as a grandma-ism. I've been thinking about her this weekend, I miss her lots (she passed away 2 years ago):

    My grandmother used to tell me that I shouldn't swallow chewing gum because it would stick to my heart and I would die. I think it was intended to be a clever way to keep little kids from swallowing lots of chewing gum (so they wouldn't eat it like candy). But I was pretty scared of gum until I learned a little something about the digestive tract in school! I still don't swallow gum for any reason, and rarely chew it.
  5. For good or bad, my Mom taught me that everyone else comes first.

    If there is a last soda in the fridge, it goes to Dad.
    If there is a piece of burnt toast, you take it and let everyone else eat
    the better stuff (ala Terri Hatcher!!)

    It makes me a considerate girl for sure, but made it very difficult for me to
    say what *I* wanted through life.

    Also explains why I just lost a HOT bag on eBay to a PFer who really took
    advantage of a situation to get the bag for herself :Push:
  6. My mum always preached Karma...she always encouraged me to be nice / respectable to all people regardless of color, age or sex. She is a true believer in Karma. I am too.

    She also taught me to save money in a secret bank account for rainy days...
  7. my mom and grandmother were very strict about 'being a lady'. they made sure i walked, talked, sat, stood, ate, dressed and behaved like a lady. i did all the girly things -- ballet, gymnastics, piano and violin lessons -- but in the end contradicted it all by letting my cousin teach me to rollerblade, cycle and skateboard :lol:.

    i had to walk around the house with a book on my head, for 'posture' :P, and eat at snail's pace so i wouldn't look like some fishmonger's daughter. when i was 15 my mom decided she was tired of seeing me in flip-flops and made me learn to walk and run in high heels.
  8. Probably that the best thing to make for dinner is reservations.
  9. Never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see!
  10. Presentation is everything ;)
  11. Maybe not what you had in mind, but my mom taught me how to make apple strudel from her mother's recipe (her mom came to the US from Croatia) When we were kids, she would make strudel for dinner! YUM!
  12. Be gracious.
    Be generous.
    Say please and thank you.
    Think of others before you think of yourself. [I have issue with this sometimes but I know what she was getting at...]
    Love love love.
    Do volunteer work.
  13. 1 thing my mom has taught me and was serious about it:



  14. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Freetoes. :sad:

    My Mum died when I had just turned 25, so I can empathise.
  15. Here's another one...never never NEVER re-apply your lipstick in public. Tacky, in her opinion! What do y'all think...old school? I need to do it in the ladies room myself as I don't have a steady hand in a restaurant booth with a compact, LOL.