Things you would NEVER know about me Game!

  1. Some more, since it is so therapeutic;

    * I have only ever slept w/ one person
    * I had plastic surgery done on my ear
    * I used to have a SEVERE phobia of snakes (I wouldn't leave my house if I saw one outside the day before). It was ridiculously debilitating as you can imagine.
    * DH only has HS diploma
    * My mother graduated 1st in her class from a fairly well know college, however is BLIND when it comes to street smarts. I am the adult/parent in our relationship.
    * I smoke (only DH knows I do it). I feel like a jerk about doing it. I hide around the corner of my house so not even my neighbor will see.
    * I can be extremely volatile if pushed. I had such an abusive relationship w/ my father that when ever I have an altercation w/ a man (say a stranger at a gas station or road rage in a parking garage) I become so enraged my body goes numb as though it is preparing to physically fight. I think it comes from being hit by my father & just numbing out physically while becoming enraged emotionally.
    * Have been on anti-depressants & tranqs since I was 12.
    * Was a cheerleader in HS (before I dropped out)
    * Was once caught attempting to shoplift. THE embarrasment of my life. Only DH & now you ladies know. Tried it once & WILL NEVER AGAIN.
    • I use Clarisonic brush on my whole body when I take a shower
    • I sneaked in $10.00 that I had on me and slipped it in a very poor mother's flimsy coat pocket and never told anyone about it
    • With connections, I got police officers to pick on my ex-boyfriend, who dumped me and took my savings-he ended up getting a lot of tickets! haha
    That's all I have for now, I think.:rolleyes:
  2. i have a HUGE fear of bugs. i saw some creepy crawly thing this morning and i broke down in tears and refused to get off my computer chair (legs off the floor, of course!). and i'm STILL freaked out about it.

    i HATE when food touches (not like on a sandwich, but when like mashed potatoes and chicken touch or something).

    the first time i remember getting really depressed was in 3rd grade, when some other girl was chosen to sing "a whole new world" (aladdin!) instead of me for our choir concert.

    i was in ballet for 12 years and was really good...but i never had a "ballet" figure. i eventually quit.

    when i'm trying to figure out a problem, i have conversations with myself. (i just talk it out and figure out what to say)

    if i'm in a store alone and i feel stupid for being alone, i'll turn my cell off and talk into it when other people are around me, so they don't think i'm such a pathetic lonely loser.
  3. Hmmm, let me see what I can think of.

    I don't like riding on escalators. They make me nervous.

    I have nightmares about driving up a very steep bridge that is almost like a rollercoaster.

    I started college when I was 16

    I only like the A/C or heat in my car set at certain settings. It has to be either 70, 72, 74, 75, or 78. It can't be 71, 73, 77, etc. Weird. Yeah, I know.

    When I was about 16 or 17 I got in trouble for prank calling a guy. He was a jerk. Me and my friend prank called him for about a year and they finally traced the calls. (Before caller ID)

    I play pocket Yahtzee when I go to the bathroom, even just to pee.
  4. I can do the hustle and I line dance.

    My husband and I can do the entire Michael Jackson's Thriller dance from start to finish.

    I love going to the movies alone and shopping alone.

    I don't like sunlight on my face.

    I can do the splits, touch my toes and pull my leg behind my head.

    I can do the robot and pop and lock. hehe.
  5. -I am a vegetarian.

    -I am afraid of the dark, cannot stay home alone and I am 29 years old!

    -I am terrified of people touching my neck.

    -I am a very aggressive driver!

    -I learned how to ski when I was 2 years old

    -I don't eat the ends of carrots or bananas
  6. I used to be a lead singer for a rock band.

    I was 25 when I lost my virginity.

    I am very claustrophobic.
  7. -The last time I rode a horse, it bucked me off. Twice. I was so afraid of being trampled by the horses behind me.
    -I am obssessed with perfecting my teeth.
    -I am afraid of spiders. Sometimes they make me cry. I never go out in my back yeard for fear of spiders.
    -I like to have as few items as possible. In school, I only use one binder.
    -I always carry my bags on my right shoulder.
    -I don't know how to ride a bike.
    -I have snapping hip syndrome.
    -I've lived in extremely small houses all my life.
    -I never eat the end of bananas.
  8. * I move my toes non consciously in a very awkward/funny way when im seriously mad + angry + shouting

    * TV Must stay ON when i sleep ( quite common thing among us all)

    * i knew my best friends off the internet

    * i cant bare eye Kohl in my eyes

    * i SOMETIMES can pre-see / dream of upcoming events
  9. Wow... we have a few things in common, Zophie!!!

    - I can only have my A/C, heater, and alarm clock on ODD numbers. So it has to be 71, 73, 75.. or end in an odd number for my alarm clock, preferably in the teens or 50s... So like 15 or 57...

    - I took the ACT & was accepted into college when I was 16. I started my first college classes a week after turning 17. :smile:

    - Alot of my real life crushes have been on "older" men... usually a decade or more older then me!

    - I am usually pretty ambitious, however I am secretly enjoying having this time off of work to go to grad school, while DH works FT. :supacool:

    - I was a dancer for 18 years... I was on competitive dance teams most of my life, was a team coach for 6+ years at 2 different studios, and owned my own studio for 2 years before we moved for DH's career. I have been "out of" dance for a year now... and subconciously... I'm kind of lost without it. :sad:
  10. -I am scared of the dark.

    -I am terrified of roaches.

    -I've only kissed 2 guys in my life.

    -I like to walk around my house naked, when alone.
  11. * I'm afraid of heights.
    * I'm truly obsessive compulsive about hand washing.
    * I love it when it rains.
    * I don't eat sea food.
    * Solitaire is my favorite card game.

  12. Why did you have bodyguards?
  13. - Don't like my food to touch
    - Talk out loud to myself sometimes (only in the house)
    - Have every single one of my teeth
  14. - I'm vegetarian
    - I've never been on a date (actually, you might be able to tell this one :sweatdrop:)
    - I have extremely debilitating ADD
    - I've been on antidepressants since I was 11.
    - I'm majoring in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, but I'm actually of English descent.