Things you would NEVER know about me Game!

  1. My mom is deathly afraid of balloons! I thought she was the only one!
  2. I count the syllabus of every word I say...pathetic but can't stop it...:weird:
  3. Just a few things...

    I love anything that has to do with ghosts like watching shows like Ghost Hunters, but I'd be scared as hell to ever see one and pray I don't!!!

    I secretly love Charmed and own all the boxed sets.

    When I was in grade school 1st or 2nd grade, one of the first gym classes I can remember, I had to pee really bad and couldn't quite make it to the bathroom so I peed all over the floor. My mom had to come with new tights and I was sooo embarassed.

    When I was younger I wanted to marry the middle brother from Hanson. blech!! lol.

    ...That's all I care to divulge currently.;)
  4. I am secretly afraid of heights, yet I use to be a firefighter that regularly worked on the Ladder Company, and I always volunteered to climb the 105 foot aerial ladder at open houses, and frequently was the one to cut holes into roofs. I also am into skydiving, and trying to get the wife to go with me.

    I am terrified by sharks, and when ever I night dive in the ocean I always have this fear of some shark coming out of the blackness of the water. YET, I am into shark diving (feeding) and I have a desire to Cage dive with Great Whites in S. Africa (and possibly get out of the cage with them).

    I sometimes dress up in my wife's clothes also.......ok, I am lying about that one:p. But I do frequently imply that I am a cross dresser to people I attend school with.

    Ok, one more. I can put a 5.56mm round accurately into a specific target at 500 meters if need be. So, your Karate might be strong, but from 500 meters you cannot touch me:wtf:.
  5. I had a nose job
    I had a breast reduction
    I am afraid of dogs and cats!
  6. -I finished high school when I was 15.

    -I'm a pretty big gamer, with World of Warcraft being my main game at the moment.

    -I get sick at the thought of drinking milk or eating mayo.

    -I'm infatuated with the military, especially military aviation, special forces, submarines, and aircraft carriers. Hooked on the Discovery Military Channel!
  7. ok here it goes..

    * i can not whistle
    * i do not know how to ride a bike or swim
    * i got my license when i was 23
    * i can only eat mayo on a sandwich when someone else puts it on for me. if i have to see it or touch it , it freaks me out
    * i am afraid of bats , used to have them at my moms house
    * i was almost trampled by a running deer once
    * now this is the weird one ... i am deadly allergic to the the cold. can not be outside more then 10 mins in the cold , can not take cold showers or drink really cold water. i burst out in hives.
    * oh and .. i wear fake eyelashes :smile:

    wow .. that is a lot of private stuff to tell total strangers. but in a way it feels good !! :smile:
    • I have to eat things like m & m's, Smarties and Skittles in pairs, and they have to be of the same color.
    • All of my bills in my wallet have to be in ascending order and face the same way. (I used to put the serial numbers in order, but I stopped that.)
    • I have (accidentally) stabbed myself with a sharp pencil three times: 1)It was on the floor, and I stepped on it, driving the point into my heel. 2) I had one in my lap and as I stood up, It stabbed me in the thigh. 3) I leaned over in my broken desk chair and it tipped. I fell out, landing on my pencil cup and was impaled on a pencil. (I was more upset about my ruined velour pants than my injury).
    • I was so depressed through middle school and high school. So much so that therapists would ask me if I ever considered killing myself. At the time, I would answer with a shocked, "No! Of course not!" Later on, I realized I was. Never methods or how I would carry it out, but it was always, 'What would happen if I did?'
    • I have no friends in my hometown. I had acquaintences, but never close friends. I was picked on in middle school (this fits in with my above point) and in high school I developed this 'You don't like me? Well, screw you, I don't like you, either' attitude.
    • In middle school and high school I wished for friends so badly, but when I got to college, I realized that I was fine not being around people all the time. I did the college things and was happy watching a movie in my dorm room by myself afterwards.
  8. I'm an only child
    I have no family (parents are both deceased)
    Relatives live in another country
    I've never married and never intend to.
    I frequently go grocery shopping on my way home from work on Friday night and then don't speak to another human until Monday morning at work.
    I hate my job and If I didn't need to work would probably live in a more remote area.
    I prefer my own company (but like coming here to chat!)
    I don't drink or smoke - my only vice is purses.
  9. I am 38 and I have never had blood drawn from my arm. Since I hate needles I am putting it off as long as possible. Ignorance is bliss. (I have poked my finger myself for those home cholesterol and blood sugar tests, though, and everything is normal there.)

    When I was younger, and the movie Hoffa (with Jack Nicholson) was made, I auditioned for the part of Jimmy Hoffa's daughter but I didn't get it. I like to count that as my 15 minutes of missed fame. I wonder how my life would have changed if I did a movie with Jack Nicholson, because an opportunity like that hasn't come my way since.
  10. Things you wouldn't know about me......
    1: I am obsessed with sex - soz, but true.
    2: I am in counselling for an eating disorder - I'm recovering now and it's all good.
    3: I don't really like it when I have to work with older women - like 50-60 - it's mean, but i prefer working with people my age or ancient aged.
  11. This is just so interesting!

    More about me....

    As a kid we were really well-off
    Then I was poor
    Then well-off again

    I was told by my mother that she wished I was never born

    My mother is an alcoholic and very co-dependant

    I have no original home to go to (my father has his own family) and because of my mom...well that just doesn't work

    I have 3 degrees and I am the ONLY one on my mom's side of the family to go to college ever...

    I have a weird addiction to certain material things at certain times... right now LV
    used to be bedding, then bath coordinates...
  12. I have three tattoos and a navel piercing.

    I have a pipe/anything to do with plumbing phobia.

    I was completely absorbed in the Queer as Folk fandom and still run a QAF message board.
  13. What a fun thread!

    Things you would never know about me:
    I only drink soda, even in the morning.
    I have to leave the TV on when I sleep.
    I was arrested in high school for fighting.
    I can't kiss a guy in public.
    I don't watch movies at the theater because I hate sitting next to people I don't know.
  14. I also have to have a tv on when I sleep

    I can say my alphabet backwards (WHY???)

    I am a bit of a geek, but don't look like one - yet I don't 'get' space

    I am terrified of moths, not just a little bit frightened, FULL ON TERRIFIED! I throw up when they get near me.

    I live in the UK but plan to move to the USA

    I don't like Victoria Beckham

    I am 37 yet love swing music, big band music and Frank and yet also love R&B. Freak??

    I can't swim, yet can water-ski

    I love race horses

    I don't drink coffee

    I have no family