Things you would NEVER know about me Game!


Aug 28, 2006
Hey guys..thought this would be fun and interesting. All you have to do is put down something that no-one here would ever know about you....easy right...well it could be telling to see:graucho:

Me~ You would never know that I have a little "vamp" in me. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I secretly want to go to Salem to the Vampire Ball. I love the "Dungeon" in New Orleans. I watch scary movies al the time.
A few odd things:

I dropped out of high school
My DH is 9 years older
I used to have a bizzare fixation w/ wanting to be really tall (like 6').
I have 2 tattoos (so not me if you know me)
I love Little House on the Prairie and cry during most of the episodes.:crybaby:

I'm a first degree black belt in shotokan karate with 15 years of experience and I can kick your behind!:boxing:

I was diagnosed with an eating disorder in my late teens and early twenties, but I am fully recovered and healthy now!:yahoo:
I hate clowns and birds.

I have never smoked a cigarette (or anything else).

I sleep with a pillow that I have had since I was 4 years old.....I HAVE to have it with me.
Clowns scare me

I had my tonsils and adnoids taken out 3 years ago

Since I was born, I have gotten at least 100 blood tests (evil immune system)

I have gotten the chicken poxs 3 times ( I even got the vaccination!)
I'm a trampolining coach

Couple of things I have to admit being scared of, nobody would guess.
I'm having a hysterectomy in Aug -I'm terrified, first time I've admitted to anyone how scared I am.
So far none of my friends have come home in a body bag but know it's only a matter of time, it totally freaks me out at times.

I have a tatoo on my ass and my belly button pierced - not many ppl know that.
Okay I'll add afew more:

Suffered through anorexia for a few years. My lowest point was 92 pounds.
Suffered through severe depression; refused to shower, get out of bed & when I did I would lie on the floor, kick, scream & sob uncontrollably.
Attempted suicide w/ a full bottle of tylenol & a large amount of straight Vodka.
Had an extremely abusive father who would take me out at night to sell Cocaine.
My mother went from being a multi-millionaire to living of food stamps. (She's much better now).
Have an irrational fear of being carjacked.
Bought my own car when I was 17 & paid $11,000 in cash for it.
Have paid my own way since I was 13. (except for when my DH came into the picture when I was 19).
Worked 50+ hours a week while going to college part-time.
i was homeschooled until 8th grade.

i live a few houses down from the chesapeake bay.

my dad was a pastor growing up.

in high school i was so quiet that people thought i had a speaking problem, although outside i was extremely popular and outgoing. the truth was my h.s. was extremely stuck up and i didn't want to get involved in their drama...haha

i've had five car accidents and totalled 3 cars. none of which have been my fault :confused1: i've been accident free for four years now...knock on wood.

growing up i played with gi joes and tonka trucks.
~My boobs are real (everyone thinks they are fake don't know if that's a good thing or not haha)

~I can't

~I'm scared of clowns.

~I'm half Guatemalan and half Hungarian fluent in speaking, writing, and reading Spanish. (i don't look it)

~I was born with High Cholesterol.

~I have naturally curly hair.

~I'm allergic to Kiwis and fake gold.
- i cant drink milk

- im a right handed person but i drive ONLY with my left hand

- in order to sleep, i lay on my right side, twist my left leg

- somehow im still living in the 80's

- my toes are uneven, specially left feet's LOL
- I put "ma" in the middle of words when I talk all the time. Like, "calcumalator" and "micromawave." (At first I did it because I thought it was funny, but I can't seem to break the habit and I say it unintentionally now.)

- I'm scared of roaches and lightning.

- Seeing blood, bleeding, or having my blood drawn makes me faint.

- I'm a fourth generation college graduate.

- I'm 16 years younger than my boyfriend and a different ethnicity.

- I collect tarot decks, talking boards, and other divination sets, and I read cards.

- I love love love the seventies, and anything having to do with disco music, old funk and R&B music, and the period from 1975 through like, 1982.

- I've been fired twice.
-I used to have a crazy collection of Looney Tunes items

-My boyfriend is 7 years older than me and hes of a different race

-I deal with Tonsillitis on a regular basis, but all doctors refuse to take them out.

- I have never smoked...ANYTHING.

-I cant get enough of old school R&B

-I LOVE rap(Tech N9ne, 2-Pac, ect..)

-I have a h/s diploma, but I technically dropped out of h/s

-My mom is Bipolar and used to abuse me mentally and physically

-I've been on my own since I was about 10(I lived with my Mom...but she never took care of me, so I had to fend for myself) Now I have my dear B/F though.

-I have my Tongue and Naval pierced

- I grew up dirt poor and lived in the hood of Vegas

This is kind of therapeutic lol. I could go on but I don't wanna write a book!