Things you won't spend good $$$ on

  1. in the short period that i've become fascinated with handbags, i've come to some very definite ideas about what i would and would not spend my hard-earned money on, no matter how famous the designer or how good a bargain. here's my list:

    1. i won't blow hundreds of dollars on a monogram anything;
    2. anything made of canvas;
    3. "pretty" on the outside, but ugly lining;
    4. appliques!
    5. anything with hearts
    6. anything made from a reptile (because i like reptiles!)

    how about you?
  2. i quote you!!
    especially for the monogram thing.
    and i wouldn't spend lots of mney on something a lot ofpeople have:shame:
  3. 1. nylon (sorry, miuccia)
    2. stiff leather
    3. straps that don't stay put
    4. all-over studding or other adornment
    5. bags with pictures of things (IF tattoo bags, etc)
  4. Unless it's on sale or I get it for a bargain...

    1. Nylon (all my kate spades, except for one, I got on sale)
    2. An all - fur bag (scared of zipper getting caught and ruining the bag)
    3. Rubber
    4. I haven't gotten a tweed bag yet and always disliked it but it can change soon
    5. Brands I just don't like

    I used to think I will never own a suede bag cause it's expensive and hard to take care of. I have two suede bags now. I eat my words.
  5. I'm with you. Also bags that have a lot of "texture" (e.g. the new LV suede bags with the raised/appliqued floral pattern) because they tend to start to look shabby after the first few times someone brushes against them. I also won't spend good money on something that just doesn't fit with my style or needs.
  6. 1) nylon over $180
    2) fur bags b/c they are tacky
    3) denim bags
    4) patent leather
    5) faux croc/lizard/aligator/eel/snake/etc
    6) pony hair
    7) rubber
    8) leather-like
    9) suede

    I think that about wraps my list up.
  7. nylon/microfiber bags
    fake anything
    leatherette (what is that?)
    anything that is freying in store or has loose thread
    any bag that is over $700 that doesn't make me dream about it. (If it's constantly on my mind, i find a way to afford it)
  8. nylon - it's not worth it
    fur bags - looks like carrying a dead animal
    patent leather - tacky to me
  9. My thoughts exactly. Although I have to add real snake, lizard, eel skins.
  10. Anything pleather...once I spent $250 on a bag...not alot but home realized it was pleather took it immediately back to the can they sell junk w/ a pricetag like that....
  11. Just certain colours (not the 'very popular last year' teal, for example), and certain designers.
  12. Piquedame my Mono Canvas Collection wuld give you the hives :nuts: !! Anyways I don't drop cash (let say over $300) on:
    1. Suede, I love it though, just too high maintenance
    2. Really anything trendy, I define trendy pretty narrowily, eg studded bags
    3. Nylon as well
  13. 1 - Nylon (No offense Prada) :P
    2 - Pleather or any fake leather
    3 - Bags with excess fringe, strings, beads etc.
    4 - Yellow bags :sick:
    5 - See through bags
  14. I am going to sound like everyone else here:

    1 - nylon/canvas/fake leather of any kind
    2 - snake
    3 - really anything that is too outside of my visual comfort zone; novelty is okay for under $50; but, not more than that. If it has a wearability rating of 2 or less I will not spend more than $50 on it.
  15. Anything crocheted/knit, with a drawstring, python or lizard, fringe, western-themed, too metallic and shiny, pleather or vinyl, and anything that cannot be carred comfortably.