things you will not wear

  1. what are things:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: you will not wear that are in style that you refuse to wear
  2. i refuse to wear aladdin style pants that's big on the top adn small on the bottom ala MC hammer
  3. Skinny jeans... though maybe if I lost 20 pounds they'll look good on me. Ah well... someday LOL!
  4. lol im with you on this on this is a major crime:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. really low waisted trousers. i live in fear of having a `muffin top`. im not big on high waisted trousers i just dont like ones that flash my underwear when i bend down
  6. I agree! I cringe when I see a really overweight woman wearing them. They look terrible unless you're 80lbs.
  7. I will NEVER wear athletic shoes with jeans. I don't care how "comfortable" it is...I can be just as comfortable wearing jeans with flats, sandals, heels, boots, etc.

    I really only wear athletic shoes when I'm working out or walking.
  8. high waisted jeans...if jessica simpson and mischa barton look that bad, i don't need to know how i'll look
  9. I am in COMPLETE agreement with this!!!!
  10. big tshirts with jeans or leggings. Not me at all.
  11. Add one on to the NO SKINNY JEANS list. They just don't work for me.
  12. I agree with the NO tennis shoe with jeans or anything else for that matter. I NEVER wear them unless I workout...period.

    High waisted pants are not for me either.

    Daisy dukes..not today but I used to wear them...LOL.

    Anything with too big of a flower pattern. I normally stay away from things printed with flowers or are just too busy in general.

    Boxy T-shirts. I don't own one---well I do own one that says "I HEART NEW YORK" but I never wear I just don't buy them or like them. I buy baby tees or fitted ones.

    Sweatshirts...I don't own one. I think they are sloppy and bulky and not remotely feminine.

    I stay away from any 'mom' And I'm a mother. Of course, I dress nicely and properly but I don't believe in neglecting my style because I'm a mom....that's why I don't wear sweatshirts, boxy t-shirts or mom jeans or tennis shoes unless I'm working out.
  13. skinny jeans.
  14. I agree on the no athletic shoes unless I am working out. I will never wear "mom jeans". No shapeless t-shirts or sweatshirts, and no stupid sayings or logos. No "teacher sweaters" - the ones with embroidered or knitted seasonal decorations (leaves in the fall, pumpkins for Hallowe'en, bells at Christmas, etc.).
  15. shorts , skinny jeans , ugg style , nothin baggy and I have a rule that I wear no ones face on my body and only sports related shirts when I am at a game