Things You Will Never Take for Granted !

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  1. These are a few of the things I personally would never take for granted.

    My Health
    My Husband
    My Family
    My Work
    My Friends
    My Independance

    How about you ?
  2. My family and friends.
    My body ( I keep that thing healthy!)
    My silly materialistic things.

    and as horribly shallow as this may sound, the way I look. When I was 16 I had my wisdom teeth pulled and my face swelled up beyond recognition. I had huge bruises on my cheeks that ran down my neck, which went along with with the chipmunk look I was sporting. I couldn't even look in the mirror, and I refused to leave my room untill it was ok. Anyways, since I was bedridden, I watched a million tacky talk shows, and one was all these people who struggled with being really overweight and how people judged them on it. I sat there, and I just remember feeling like I was the most shallow mean person in the world ( I was kind of a *****y 16 year old). Anyways, as odd as it sounds, feeling really ugly gave me the ability to empathize with others who may feel as unattractive as I did then ( whether for physical or psychological issues.) I'd always been a cute, but awkward lookng kid, and I didn't really grow into my face untill I was around 18-19. So, I guess I appreciate and don't take for granted the fact that people judge me favorably (usually) based on my appearance, even though it's wrong, I don't take it for granted.

    I really hope that didn't come across wrong, I don't have an inflated ego or anyhing! It's just something that dawned on me four years ago and I still remember it clearly. :smile:
  3. ^^^ There is nothing shallow about that! You are being honest, and I too admit that i would never take my looks for granted, especially after gaining a ton of weight during pregnancy and just starting to get into my old size!

    In addition:
    my family (number one on my list)
    my health
    my close friends
    every momento I have from my parents b/c that is all I have left of them.
  4. My health
    My close friends
    my purses :lol:
  5. Health
    My son and my husband
    Having time to do what I want (retired)
  6. I am with all of the above, along with something I not sure we even realize. Breath. Watching my fathers passing from emphyzema was the worst. And sight, seeing my beautiful children grow everyday. and touch, there is nothing more important to me than the gentle touch of my husbands hands. So for me LIFE in general.
  7. Family Money Good Health Insurance!
  8. My health
    My sweet husband
    My family(espically my mom)
    Being able to go to college.
  9. My education, family, health, Diet Coke and coffee :nuts:
  10. family
    the earth (and its living creatures)
  11. My family, talent, health, and good luck.
  12. My mommy
    Being born in a free country
    My education
    Having good food to eat
    My purses
    Having somewhere to live
    Being able to be a full time student and not having to work
  13. My Bf
  14. I'm currently reading a book called A Piece of Cake about a woman who overcame unbelievable odds to become a successful attorney. Reading this book has made me thankful for absolutely everything, from having a good family and education to the roof over my head and clothes on my back. Even now when I see someone on the street walking with a limp, I'm grateful that I don't have to. I don't take anything for granted because everything I have isn't guaranteed to last forever.
  15. Health
    Our Home