Things you want made from Tokidoki

  1. I think I read a thread like this a while ago but thought I would bring the subject up again. I would love umbrellas and nail decals. Any other ideas?????
  2. plus size clothing... the thick girls need love tooo
  3. I want bathroom accessories like shower curtains, towels, rugs!!! Haha I can make a Toki theme room out of these :idea:
  4. Yes! Home furnishings would be so kewl! I absolutely love that that adios star rug in the Tokidoki Milano store. I also think that furnishings for a baby's room/kid's room would sell really well. Bedsheets, curtains, lamps, rugs, beanbag chairs, etc.. I don't have kids yet, but I would buy all those things for myself anyway =)
  5. bikini's and cell phone covers
  6. Amen, sista!
  7. Checks.
  8. Yes, plus size would be awesome. I forgot to mention that I found out a friend of mine knows Simone and he told me that they were going to maybe do a collabo with Barbie but went with Hello Kitty instead. I don't think Barbie would have been a good choice at all!!

  9. another AMEN!!!!!!
    my brother got me a shirt @ comic con it was an xl
    i was like what am i gonna do with this?????
    i am generaly a xl but their version is super small
    i also would love bathroom stuff & bedding
    ohh & coloring books i am 26 but i super love to color!!!!
    checks would be great
    anything really i would love it all
    how bout tokidoki toilet paper!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Tokidoki Pez dispensers. I have a huge Pez collection. I can just picture Sandy, Mozzeralla, Adios, etc. as plastic heads on Pez. Plus Pez are huge in Japan... so maybe?
  11. yeah pez dispensers! i'd love to see pencil cases, pens, pencils and erasers that are cheap and not expensive like that one website in the uk.
  12. yeah, those two erasers you showed me were like, $10 without shipping. i definitely think they should extend the stationery + office supply line.

    i also want simone to do a toy collaboration with a band! what band, i don't know know...first thing that comes to mind is Blonde Redhead (female japanese singer who totally looks like tsuru + two italian brothers on guitar and drums)
  13. How about some really cute pumps!
  14. lingerie ^^
  15. I'd like a checkbook size wallet instead of just the Denaro.

    Whatever happened to their Plush tokidoki line that was suppose to be released? I read they were delayed indefinately! =(

    I wanted Mozzarella!