Things you never got a call for...

  1. I was just thinking of all the things I've waitlisted for/asked a manager or SA to call me about when they receive it and have never received a call to this day. So, I thought it may be interesting to start a thread and see what things you've waitlisted for or was interested in but never received a call about. You can include instances where you got the item from another store, but never received a call from your usual store.

    - Silver Miroir Pochette (Waitlisted at two stores, never received a call from either, ended up getting one from another store out of province. I was 5th at one store's list and they received 4.)
    - Sweet monogram ring in silver (saw it in Hong Kong but didn't buy it store hasn't called me, I'm assuming they never got it)
    - Nimbus PM in perle (if I really wanted this, I would've been very, very ticked. I WLed for the perle but the manager called me about the anthracite. Two weeks later, I saw the perle in the store. He must've thought I wanted the dark grey, when I clearly specified light grey)
    - A La Folie jewelry (again I'm assuming my store never got them in)
    - Silver suhali Zippy wallet (waitlisted at two stores and one store was so sure they'd get some in...never got a call from them. The other store must've simply forgotten about me because I called at a time when no one had info, and I got "waitlisted" by a manager, and I'm sure they got some because they're the Canadian flagship, but I still never got a call)
    - Grey inclusions (not in our stores yet maybe?)
    - Tivoli PM (no call yet, I better not see it in the store when I go in next week)
    - LOVE 2 tote (ended up getting it from another store)
    - Okay, not really a waitlist thing...but I had an SA order in a replacement gold chain for my accordeon wallet...that was July's now December 2nd...I'm assuming France never sent it in because she confirmed she ordered it in.

    That's my list. I'm sure I'm missing some things because one day I was reflecting and I remember a lot more things than this...and yeah, it's quite disappointing because a lot of the things on the list aren't even THAT rare.
  2. Karman,
    I was in the Banff LV on Wed and they had the Tivoli PM and GM. Have you called them? The pic of you and the other lady with your Le Tals stood out to me so correct me if I'm wrong?
  3. i waitlisted for a mini lin croisette speedy in blue. holt lv got only the red one at the time. a week later i was there for a psn and sure enough i saw the blue croisette speedy.
  4. Um..hmm. Inclusion pieces, though I think someone called about them earlier this week but my mom intercepted the call. Christmas presents, maybe? :graucho:
    That's about it...most of the time when I'm waiting for something, I call about once every couple of weeks to check the status.
  5. Miroir!!! :crybaby:
  6. That has to be soo frustrating! :cursing:

    Those SA's have missed out on A LOT of commission!! They're making you miss out on some things, but they're missing out too by not calling you...
  7. i didnt think they worked on commission, just sales goals. maybe im wrong.
  8. Oh yeah! And my anthra PDV. I had my mom by that for me in FL.

    And i never waitlisted for the limelite and never got a call for but i got one for my mom as a 45th bday gift.
  9. Hmmmm... really? I just assumed they got commission since they were in sales!

    I am probably wrong lol :shame:
  10. The colorfull travel scarf in noir. Found out that it had been in stock for some time when I called the hotline.
  11. I was on the WL for the Astropill keychain. I phoned in every week anyway to check and sure enough it was in! Two days later when I went to pick it up my SA saw me and said "It's not in yet" and I said "Yes it is!". Should we know the stock better than the staff?
  12. No I didn't call them, Lisa (the store manager there) is very good at returning my calls and stuff so no worries when I have a request with her but I'm in no rush to get the Tivoli and that's why I haven't called them. I just want a call from the Calgary store so I can go in and check it out.

    And no (regarding the other post)--LV SAs don't make commission.
  13. Oh yeah I forgot about that. I never got a call on it either...I did get one though.
  14. The only thing I have never gotten called about is the framboise vernis agenda, and that's because they are gone.
  15. MC white speedy, I waitlisted at 3 stores S.Coast plaza, BeverlyCenter and century city. I never got a call from SC or Bev Center. The Century City store was the only one that called me back. Also the Miroir speedy in silver. I WL in July and never got a call from the Bev Center store.