Things you love to eat that others find positively disgusting...

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  1. Let's hear them!
  2. tofu
  3. ok, this will probably gross you guys out, but here are some things I love that people would find absolutely disgusting:

    chicken gizzards
    pigs feet
    chicken feet

    I come from a chinese/taiwanese background, so eating such things is normal :yes: . One thing I could never bring myself to try was fish eyes though :p
  4. Oxo cubes
    Apple and pear cores
    Sticks of celery with peanut butter in the 'groove'
    Rollmop herrings
    Condensed milk, sometimes with mashed bananas
    Apples that have gone wrinkly
    Spotty bananas
    Black dripping
    Picking clean bones
  5. And, in the past I have eaten, but probably wouldn't again:

    Lambs tongues
    Pigs hearts
    Frogs legs
  6. Raw Sauerkraut
    Beef Tongue
    Chicken Hearts
    Raw lemons (well the wedges in my cocktail)
  7. -Cabbage cooked in a bunch of vinegar and dill
    -Pickled green beans/okra/green tomatos
    -Greek black olives and whole milk, together (eat the olives, drink the milk, repeat...and sometimes drink olive juicy and then drink milk a second later, repeat :biggrin:)
    -Hot peppers stuffed with feta and cream cheese (SO hates this!)
    -Cucumber flavored water (it is SO addictive!!!! Yummy!!!)
    -A lot of people I know can not stand to see anyone eat squid tentacles (such as with fried calamari and they give you both the rings and the long tentacles, so yummy!)

    Nothing as bad as what I see above, lol! :biggrin:
  8. Love organ meat!
    Goose or duck livers plain or as a terrine
    Beef heart stuffed with sage dressing.
  9. Chickens heart?? I've always ate them since I was little

    Some people don't like Calamari but I LOVE it!

    ALLIGATOR!! Yum!

    Frog Legs

    (lots of Dirty South food! haha)
  10. chicken feet!
    pork belly!
  11. Cow stomach in a stew (typical mexican dish)! It's yum.
    This one isn't weird at all, but my boyfriend HATES frozen yogurt. He claims anything that markets itself as ice cream should taste sweet LOL. I'd kill for a little frozen yogurt with pineapple right now :amuse:
  12. barbecued pig feet
    hog head (for brunswick stew)
    I use to eat chitterlings

    Boy am I missing the south stomach is starting to growl
  13. Malt-o-Meal, haha
    brussel sprouts
  14. My boyfriend loves poutine (fries with cheese curds and gravy), and I think that's disgusting. Does that count?
  15. How can you not like poutine!!!;)
    I love blood sausage. Makes the Hubster want to barf.