Things you love about BV...

  1. Exquiisite buttery leather that ages with grace
    Amazing colors with every season ( I kick myself often for missing out on the colors)
    no logos, such subliminal quality!
    Not to mention, lovely helpful SAs in shop :smile:
  2. light weight
    smell of the leather.
    nice colors
    no logo
    softness of the leather.
  3. I love the softness of the leather.
  4. I agree with all that has been said. I would only add that BV defines chic. Timeless, out-of-this-world quality and a complement to a look rather than overtaking it. The BV woman (and man) is refined and confident.
  5. Nicely said :smile:
  6. I'll quote a friend who just complemented me today, "Ah those shoes and that bag; timeless elegance." That, to me, was such a wonderful complement.
  7. The softness of the leather and the simplicity of a beautiful Veneta just gets me wanting another one every time.
  8. I'm bumping up this thread in reply to why is BV STILL so under the radar?
  9. Love the touch of the leather, thick and soft. Extreme comfortable on my shoulder (I have shoulder problem but with BV, I am Ok to carry it all day long). :tup::tup:
  10. I love how soft the leather feel, simple & timeless design and been so functional.
  11. The feel of the leather, the level of quality,the intricateness of weaves & materials,

    the timelessness and being classic and so refined...and the knots are all so

    beautifully crafted
  12. The perfect weaving of the intrecciato and the softness of the leather. And just as importantly, the understated luxury. BV will not advertise wealth, but I truly believe it's a sign of being able to appreciate craftsmanship.
  13. No obvious logo...I personally do not like bags of LV
    I also like their colors
  14. pure sophistication in every way... workmanship, craftsmanship, taste for materials,

    style & timelessness... it doesn't get any better than BV for sure
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    BV is addicting, loving the pieces I have & wanting more!

    Ditto what everyone else said, love the suede lining!