Things you love about BV...

  1. I met a woman who worked in the factory for 20 years

    she was so sweet but only spoke minimal English
    but it was a privilidge to meet her

    things really ARE made by hand
  2. I love the feeling of the nappa as I open my bag. I love the smell too.
  3. The quality of the bags, the softness of the leather, the smell, the uniqueness. I am not a big "logo" person so the absence of logo.

    Another big plus for me is the helpful SA's at the stores...
  4. I love touching & smelling the suede and leather :smile:
  5. All that everyone had said so far.
    On top of that, since my foray into the world of BV some 6 years ago, I had yet to be bored by any of the BVs I had acquired. So, what I love most about BV is the brand just does not die on me, at least not so easily.
  6. Generally, when in doubt about where I am going and who I am going to meet, out come the BVs. More specifically, mine also pack flat and weigh almost nothing so great for taking away.
  7. Ditto--no logos. Ditto--quality of workmanship and leathers. Ditto--classic designs! And a big ditto to makes me feel good every time I carry a BV bag!
  8. First and foremost, no logos.

    The colorways. The shapes. The softness of the leather. The way it puddles when you set it down. The lack of hardware. The suede interior. The smell. The timeless styles. The history and handmade nature.

    The fact that no one I know IRL has one. :ninja: It's like a little secret!
  9. Couturequeen you took the words right out of my mouth.
  10. it's very practical while looking good
  11. For me, it's not just about the skilled craftsmanship itself, but also that BV supports artistry through the training programs they've put into place. BV is a company I want to support (in addition, of course, to the beautiful products they create!)
  12. ^^^ Great point!
  13. I don't know. I have strayed but always come back.

    Haven't carried a BV in a while as was on vacation for 3 weeks and I didn't bring a single BV with me (gasp! I know ) and I miss it.
  14. timeless designs, great workmanship, great leather and quality, innovative new techniques in dyeing/weaving/combination of leather, the luxurious feel, lack of logos etc. too many to name! I have never felt the urge to buy many other bags from other brands since I discovered BV in 2008. And I keep looking forward to new colors every season!
  15. The leather is TDF: nice smell and soft texture,
    classic and timeless design,
    beautifully crafted,
    and it has NO LOGO :biggrin: