Things you love about BV...

  1. What is it that draws you to Bottega Veneta bags? The leather? The styles? The lack of hardware? For me it is the wonderful leather and the craftsmanship...nothing turns me off more than cheap lining/poor stitching/bright cheap hardware...
  2. Absence of hardware, no logos, Made in Italy, smell of the leather, Art of the designs, & appreciation, support and use of handwork.

  3. Thank you. Same from me here.
  4. No monogram
    Not many people can appreciate its workmanship
    Understated luxury
    Doesn't scream look at me
    Makes me smile every time I carry it
  5. For most BV bags, THE FEEL OF THE LEATHER, the simple lines and designs, the light color suede linings, minimal hardware, forever bags, can be worn for years to come
  6. The FEEL and The SMELL and the understated beauty of it and the fact that I
    KNOW its special regardless of whether anyone around me does!
  7. As others have said, BV's genuine craftsmanship and understated luxury. Each item is a true, artistic creation, and I appreciate that! :flowers:
  8. I'm with LT Bag Lady. No "blingy" hardware, no logos, made in Italy, impeccable craftsmanship and artistic design, amazing colors, the tactile feel and aroma of leather. Want to note that I have several vintage BVs and the leathers still smell and feel new.
  9. OK, one more comment. I just love touching and feeling my BVs.
  10. I agree with everyone's opinions here. Most of all, I love the lightness of the bag! When I spend an entire day in NYC, the BV is the bag I opt to wear mostly for this reason. I only love well made leather bags and BV's are so light, love the beautiful texture, rich color, understatedness and so comfortable to wear!
  11. I love that I don't see myself coming and going with the same bag as someone else...But, when you see someone carrying a BV, there is this secret look that goes on between you that says " I know you are carrying a BV"..I love that!
  12. I love the softness of the leather and that for the most part BV is a green company
    I love minimal hardware
    I agree with the motto when your own intials are enough
    I love to stay under the radar
    no one knows what BV is where I live. You see plenty of LV Coach and Gucci but no BV
    I love the suede lining
  13. They have only the metal required--no bling.

    Lightweight, yet strong.

    They stay on my shoulder without slipping (most of mine are shoulder bags, but I do have a couple handbags and clutches)

    The leather gets softer and smoother with age. A vintage BV looks as good or better than a new one.

    Exquisite craftsmanship and timeless styling.
  14. Craftmanship for sure. Love, Love, Love my BV bags. I have oh so many designer bags and my Bottegas are always my go to bag. I have just discovered their fine jewelry and recently purchased some gorgeous earrings. I will definitely purchase more.
  15. 1. The designs are classic and never dated.
    2. Each piece is a work of art. (I always think about the artisans who may have worked on my bag. Were they having a good day? Were they filled with pride when they completed the bag? What were they thinking about? Did they know how much I would enjoy carrying it? Do they feel appreciated at work?) I know this is crazy, but I don't care. LOL
    3. The service I receive in their boutiques is second to none.