Things you gave up to buy a Toki

  1. I started this thread for all of you who've had to sell something, or give up buying something else, just to buy a toki bag!!!!!

    Here's your chance to vent........:cursing: or at least get it off your chest.....

    I gave up getting another winter coat and new brown leather boots.
    (There was probably more..but I forgot what they were)

    Sold one bambinone- i have another, but the time you spend picking them out makes you get a bit attached...:crybaby:
  2. I gave up my sanity in order to collect tokis!!! I am completely :nuts: now!! Well all right, I wasn't completely sane before I started but now I'm just completely :nuts: !!

    In my mind I'd like to sell a few things to make some money back for all the money I've been spending but I get super attached to everything and will probably never be able to sell a single thing! :shrugs:
  3. Well, i dont collect tokidoki as crazy as Jen, lamb, or lattegrl (toki queens), but i still have to sacrifice some stuff like i dont have new coat for this year's winter (yess its almost over, i can wear my toki tees soon), and I go out to eat much less often....not big sacrifices but still...
  4. I gave up a two weeks worth of eating out.. =[
  5. I had to cut back on my QVC/HSN addiction. :crybaby:

    Although I did order a couple of things the other night...
  6. Lets see...I've given up food! I've lost 5 pounds on the toki diet. Gotta lose 15 more to get my amore bag! Right now I'm giving up clothes and shoes that I want for spring. I'm making my 8 year old save his allowance to buy his video games. I'll be drinking generic brand diet cola, stop eating out and missing the little luxuries!
  7. Wow Annie, Congrats on the 5 lbs! I have to sell some of my bags in order to prepare for the new amore bags that are coming out. I officially declared my bf my "suga daddy!" hahah thats how I get by!
  8. Thanks! Yeah, right now I stay at home so my hubby is the "suga daddy". Are you the one selling the citta campeggio on eBay that I am drooling over? Oh wow! I want that really bad!
  9. I don't have a sugar daddy. :crybaby:
  10. Well...I'll tell you we don't have enuf suga to afford this addiction! Feel proud blackwidow! You're doing it on your own! I supported my hubby for many years when I had a career. Its now his turn but hey, we didn't have kids when I was bringing home the bacon!!! (And cooking it I might add!!)
  11. Annie congrats on the 5lbs that's awesome! I'm jealous!! I'm supposed to be on a diet b/c we're going to Mexico and then straight to LasVegas in May but I've been having too much wine and I'm having a hard time losing any weight :drinkup: but I sure have been having a good time :drinkup: and shopping! They go hand in hand and it's super bad news!!

    My sugar daddy is all out of sugar too!! I've almost maxed my bf's credit cards so I started using my own for this toki addiction and it's not as much fun buying it for myself as it is when he buys it for me!! :lol:
  12. You definitely have earned it! You have been on both sides of the fence. I think as moms we need to spoil ourselves. We work very hard.

    I guess the good thing about it is when my hubby starts lecturing me about my purse addiction, like he did the other day. I just roll my eyes and say "Hey it is my $". Then he gets quiet and goes away.
  13. You should do what Tokidoki:heart: er does when her husband gives her a tokidoki lecture ... she said when he :lecture: her she :blah: :whistle: and then buys what she wants anyway!! How funny is that?
  14. I still go about buying my Tokis. But it is kinda of hard to find a place to put them all away. So he comes across them anyway. Luckily, he hasn't checked to see how much they cost. He would definitely blow a fuse for sure! :rant:

    I always bring this up now when he starts lecturing me on MY spending... I'm not sure if any of you ladies are familar with the PC game addiction "World of Warcraft"? My hubby is an addict! He has actually spent his own $ to buy gold online to use in this game. One time he bought a high level character for $250. I couldn't believe it! I thought he was insane! :wtf:
  15. :hrmm: I never heard of that game but that does sound a bit :nuts: !! At least you have something to use against him when he :lecture: you about your toki habit!! My BF used to collect limited edition nike skateboarding sneakers...he'd spend about $300 every few weeks on sneakers that he wouldn't even wear!! It was a bit :nuts: But since my toki addiction started he gave up his sneaker addiction to afford my sweet? :love:

    This is the first time ever that I'm ordering something I'm trying to hide from my BF...I kinda feel a bit guilty about it. It's my duplicate playground bella bella. I just feel like he might freak out when he sees it...that is IF he sees it!! LOL!! :rochard:

    BTW- what kind of lecture involves a smack like those 2 smileys up there? They crack me up!!