Things you are waiting for from LV

  1. I've noticed a lot of us are impatiently waiting for something. What are you waiting for?

    Pomme Bracelet
    Myrtille Jasmine

    Not Released:
    Dentelle Speedy in gold
    LVOE Bandeau
    Miroir Lockit

    Waiting for approval from DH (LOL):
    Azur Keepall 50
  2. I'm STILL waiting on the Azur Speedy 30! haha
  3. Aww. It's pretty late, but WORTH the wait! : )
  4. Hampstead..... and the Amarante bracelet!
  5. Yah, the new Inclusion!
  6. im waiting for spring break to come so i get my big bag (that i still havent chosen..)
  7. I'm waiting on a pomme d'amour agenda from eLux. It should be here Thursday, but I can't wait!!!
  8. Pomme Inclusion bracelet GM
    Vernis heart purse in pomme & framboise

    Not much, but been waiting for awhile :cursing:
  9. I'm waiting for them to release the new Vernis color! also waiting on a cabas piano, but that's not from LV itself...
  10. Dentelle Kirsten (was the BH but switched)
    Nimbus from the cloud line
    LVoe tee
    Melusine shoes in Black
    Melusine shoes in brocade fabric in Silver

    Um definately need to put myself down for a gold mirior lockit...
  11. amarante inclusion (waiting for its release)
    damier sporty (waiting for its release)
    damier azur mini pochette (waiting for my next chance to get to the LV store for it!)
    black epi bowling PM (can't buy until August)
  12. Pomme Inclusion bracelet
    LVOE bandeau
    Berry Inclusion bracelet
    Amarante Inclusion ring, bracelet and Speedy keyring when they come out
  13. Oh yah, the LVOE RTW! I forgot about that. I may need to call my SA again.
  14. I have been waiting for the book, Birth of Modern Luxury for 3 months now!!!! most things, only take 2-6 weeks!!! I am thinking they don't have any books left!! I told my SA I really had to have it... Maybe she is looking all over for me!!
  15. I am waiting for a price drop on the Cabbas Piano so I can justify to myself buying it. LOL