Things to protect your feet?

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  1. I hope this thread doesn't exist already, I did a few searches.
    I got a pair of FRYE boots and they're AMAZING, but my heel slips a bit in them, and I can only imagine showing them off to my friend in NYC when I visit, then having the biggest blister ever by the end of the day. That got me thinking about flats that I have that rub my feet wrong. I know that some company must make SOMETHING that can be applied to your feet from a cushion to something as small as a band-aide to protect your feet so you don't rip off half your skin from chafing. Does anyone have any brand suggestions or specific products? Please help!:sad:
  2. I always get blisters on my heels. Silver DUCT tape works really well. Just put a big peice on the area of your foot that rubs. Prevents a blister.

    Also break Frye in slowly. Wear them at home for an hour or so every day.
  3. this is the best advice.
    I put mine on when I get home and wear them all evening :heart:
  4. thanks for the advice about Frye! I'll wear them around the house for a bit. Neat idea about the duct tape, too. Though there must be some specific products out there?
  5. Actually, many styles of Frye boots are supposed to let your heel slip out. Campus, engineers, harness, etc. It takes a bit of getting used to.

    For shoes that are supposed to grab the back of your heel but don't, they make little crescent shaped things that stick into the back of the shoe like these:

    Hope that helps:smile:
  6. you can also use Deoderant or Band Aid Blister Block to prevent blisters.
  7. If you already have a blister or want to protect against a blister to begin w/ you can also get the blister band aids...they are in the band aid section. They are a little pricey since they don't come with very many but I always carry them around in my purse just in case I get a blister or if I know I have to walk around in my shoes all day and they are prone to blistering I may put one on.
  8. You could also try Bodyglide, it's something you put on your feet to prevent blisters. I've never tried it, so I can't say it works from personal experience. They sell it at
  9. Vaseline petroleum jelly helps against blisters
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    I've mainly been having issues with shoes slipping off my feet, but with new flats I do get awful blisters. Footpetals make some great inserts that can A) cushion various parts of the feet and B) stop your feet from slipping.

    For a cheaper alternative, which will work until you break in your flats I also tend to use the duct tape method, although I actually use microporous plaster tape. The tape you can get for applying bandages. Just stick a couple of strips on your heel to cover it.

    ^^ That's the stuff I'm talking about. I imagine it isn't as difficult as duct tape to peel off and also doesn't look as obvious.

    I've also read on here that some people buy moleskin pads that can then be cut to size and placed in the shoe.

    Another thing, for the heel inserts I would advise against using anything that is Gel based, mainly the thicker gel ones. I do find that they help BUT they don't last very long as the foot is still rubbing a little against the gel insert. I have found that they aren't sticky enough to stay put and end up curling at the sides. Eventually you just end up with a rolled up piece of gel. So if you want something to last logner I advise on the footpetals that are foam and don't have the same issue (especially if you are already spending that much on inserts)

    Hope that helps!