Things to prepare for before and after surgery

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  1. Will be going to Korea this Wednesday for surgery.

    Kinda last minute and i haven't packed my stuff yet.

    Just a quick check, what are the must-bring/must-have items and what are the things i must eat/do to prepare for surgery and what are the items that i have to bring after surgery?

    things i can think of are cotton swabs, wet tissues, wet facial tissues to remove make up, ice packs to reduce swelling, lots of instant porridge (to eat the first few days in case i can't eat solid food). pumpkin soup satchets.

    Did i leave anything out?

    Also, will i be very sleepy after surgery? How many days must i wait after surgery before i can shower? What if i catch a cold just before or after the surgery (will be doing rhinoplasty), how will it affect?

    Please share with me and add on to any thing i have missed out, thank you :smile:

    P.S I will be updating my blog about my whole experience.
  2. I have done my surgeries and still at the clinic now waiting for the nurses to attend to me, update again later
  3. Hi petiteminime,

    Please keep us update! wondering which clinic/doctor did you go with? i'm planning a trip to get rhinoplasty corrective surgery...
  4. Hey, i'm trying to contact you but to no avail. i just make this forum acct so i cant message you. and i also created a kakao to reach you but i cant search your ID.

    my id is :tokuko
    would you be kind to add me instead? really want to hear your advice.