Things to do in Taipei?

  1. Ok - I'm going on an all expenses paid Asian vacation to Linko, Taiwan. (yeah... for work.. so there is that... lol). I'll be there for two weeks.

    We are staying in Taipei and commuting to Linko. What to do in the Taipei area on the weekend? I've been to the National museum.. and also would love to find some nice restaurants to go to. Any suggestions? Is there anything lovely about Linko? Never heard of the town before last week. :smile:

    Anyhow - I'm really excited about going back... never got to look around Taipei as I was working a lot.. but got to see Taipei 101 being built in stages. Exciting to see the finished product! I DO plan to go up to the 89th floor! :tup:
  2. I used to live in Taipei... that was a long time ago though, so I don't remember where Linko is...

    I'd definitely go up to Yangmingshan or Hsinbeitou for a nice soak in the hot springs, though you might not have time for Yangmingshan (it's a day trip thing really), and check out the Xinyi district(sorry I don't know how to spell it... the area around 101) for awesome shopping (designer boutiques galore, even if you can't afford it it's worth seeing!)

    Breeze Centre and Sogo Department Store near Zhongshao Fuxing MRT station (get off there and the station has signs that tells you which exit to go for these places) is definitely worth the visit too.

    Night markets, definitely go to the Shilin markets, but don't go on weekends. It's crowded enough as it is, weekends are just a nightmare.

    Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is definitely worth seeing, it's beautiful (however I think they changed the name of it... look it up, it's a touchy subject in Taiwan right now). You can get there by MRT too, but I forgot which station.

    Lungshan temple is worth seeing too, but I went when I saw rather young so I dont' remember much of it sorry, and I don't remember how to get there.

    For food, there's Dintaifung (something like that) for the best dumplings ever! Do a google search, they're quite famous. It's on Xinyi road somewhere and you have to try their 'shaolongbao', which are small steamed buns. Also, try toffee strawberries... they're sold in carts and stalls where there's a long kebab of strawberries covered in sugar. It's great!