Things to do in Sanfrancisco?

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  1. Hi guys!

    Does any 1 here live in San Fran?

    I'm taking a road trip up there tonight and wanted to see if there was any thing cool I should look into while up there.


    ( no malls, I do enough of that here in So Cal..hehe!)
  2. All the touristy stuff if you've never been here before...Fisherman's Wharf; Golden Gate Bridge; Chinatown/North Beach, etc. San Francisco is a great city to just wander around in...
  3. Take an Alcatraz tour-
    Visit Ghirardelli Square
    The Japanese Gardens
    Lombard Street
    Ride a cable car
    Walk on the Golden Gate Bride at night...they still let people do that? It's been awhile since I've been up there.
  4. do you like good food?

    My favorite restaurant in all of SF is Boulevard. It isn't *too* insane to expect getting a table, but you may have to work at it. If that doesn't work out, try Bix. Amazing and not so well known!

    The new ferry building is one of my favorite destinations. The MOMA is a good museum if you are into that sort of thing.

    No offense, but I hate the touristy places. I agree that one should go to say that one went, but spending too much time at those places would drive me nuts!
  5. If you end up going to Boulevard try to request table 6 its the best seat in the house, their white wine is wonderful! (Patz and Hall)!

    Ferry building has cheese purveyor, chocolatier, and yummy food and snacks.

    Boulevard takes reservations !

    have a great time!

  6. oh my gosh, thanks for all of the recc's! we're leaving in a few hours!

    since i've moved to so.cali, i've never left the this is all new to me! :biggrin:
  7. i just came back from there on vacation. here's where i visited:

    coit tower (where with amazing weather lately, i could see golden gate bridge & alcatraz island and lombard street).
    treasure island
    fisherman's wharf
    pier 39 / the embarcadero
    ghiradelli square
    union square
    google (it's actually in mountain view, a lil east of san jose)

    there are 130 pics of where i went and stuff here if you want to check it out:

    have fun!!
  8. oh jimmy thanks so much! im lookin @ ur xanga right now and the pics look awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I like the view from the restaurant at the top of the Fairmont Hotel. I don't remember if the food was any good, but it is a romantic place..and they have a nice bar up there too. Or at least they did a few years ago.
  10. thanks for all of the great recc's! i just did a whole bunch of mapquest from here to there locations!

    we're leaving in 2 hours. hehe!
  11. Have a great time, Thu!!! That's my home territory so I know you will!
  12. lol! ( she knows my name! :nuts:)

    Thanks Roooo!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to get our of Orange County for a few days!!!! I printed out a nice colorful map of Fisherman's Wharf and directions to the park, bridge,Hearst castle, china town, and a few of those restaurants mentioned!

  13. Hearst Castle is crazy... you need all day for that and you have to climb beaucoup stairs!

    TOTALLY go to Alcatraz, it's so fascinating. Also I hope you can make it to Sausalito, the drive across the Golden Gate Bridge is TDF! :heart:

    I miss it! :cry:
  14. Roo, you are welcome to hop along! hee hee!