Things to do in Paris???

  1. I'm leaving for Paris is 12 hours, and I was wondering if any of you ladies could recommend any specific places to go or things to do while I'm there! I've never been there before and I'm only going for the weekend (friday to monday morning), so obviously I want to see the major things like the Eiffel tower and (at least attempt) the Louvre, but are there smaller, less known things I should look for while I'm here? I've been eating ramen noodles and peanut butter for the past two weeks so that I could splurge a little bit on this trip, so if you know of any incredible boutiques or shops (not too expensive, I'm still on a student's budget :p) that would be incredible as well. Oh I've also heard that you can buy amazing lingerie in Paris, but I have no idea where to look. I'm staying in the 15th district, bordering the 7th, if that helps at all. Merci à l'avance!
  2. OOH!Jillybean and I went last year and had a BLAST!!!
    we went to all the CHANEL boutiques...they all had a diff selection too.
    take the little tour bus they follow a color coded system to go to diff sites.That way u will see everything and be transported.they stop everywhere.
    dont forget to go to the Main LV the Arc......its amazing...floors of cool stuff!
    Have a blast and have a crepe for me!
  3. Whenever I go to Paris, I focus more on food than shopping. I live in NYC and can shop anytime I want, so that isn't a big focus of mine. I love french food.

    If you want really amazing food that's not french, go to Fellinis. It's amazing italian food. It is a little expense though.

    How about going to the Moulin Rouge?
  4. Angelines....was fantastic for lunch.THEy have the BEST desserts and hot chocolate too!
    They usually have a line to get in..its so worth it!!!!!!!!!
  5. ^^Ah I will definitely have to check this out, do you know where they are located in Paris by any chance? I tried doing a google search but it kept pulling up websites for attorneys.

    Yes I definitely want to visit there, I've heard it's a club at night but don't really know anything else about it - is it very popular?
  6. can't give you much advice on the shopping, i have avoided it on my trips because everything is so expensive (stupid dollar) but my favorite museum is the musee d'orsay. i know you have to go to the louvre, but if you feel like some more art, definitely check it out. oh and i don't know how old you are but the louvre is free on friday nights for people under 26. and if you are over 26 it is still a good time to go because it's open till 10 (i think?) and not very crowded. enjoy!!
  7. ^^ the dollar is SO FRUSTRATING, especially since I'm living in London where the pound is more than double the dollar - it's frightening at times. But I do want to buy a few things to remember my trip since I don't know when I'll be back, which is why I've been scrimping and saving over the past year or so. Thanks for the museum tip, my friends and I are all in our early 20's so we'll try to check it out!
  8. Laduree macaroons!

    Wish I could be more help, no idea where exactly I went last time....

    Have fun!
  9. Spend some time today looking on novaplanet (if you need help with french someone will help)

    For Saturday Night (and waiting for someone who is in Paris to give you a better 'plan' - this sounds fun....

    Samedi 2 février 2008
    Concert + Clubbing - Paris
    Avenida Brasil : Marcia Grandini live + Tom B DJ set

    C'est le week end du carnaval dans le monde entier, à Paris aussi résonne l'écho du Brésil avec d'abord en live Marcia Grandini, pour un show nécessairement punchy, carnaval mais-pas-que, puis en DJ set, le marathonien Tom B, le king parisien du son carioca, de la batucada au funk do Brasil.
    20h (Live, entrée libre) 23h à l'aube (10 €)

    Divan du Monde
    75 rue des Martyrs - 75018 Paris (M° Anvers)
    Tél : 01 40 05 06 99

    Rue des Martyrs is close to the Sacre Coeur (also in the area of Moulin Rouge - which might be worth a look on the outside...I think that it is a bit of a pastise). The Place des Teatres (SP) at the top is touristy - but really atmospheric. (People always loved it when I took them there). There are some cute boutiques - and funkier restaurants/bars on the roads leading up. It might be cool to spend the afternoon walking around there - and then going to the Brasian club (entry is free before 11PM - so you can always walk out again. Divan du Monde is a cool club (more 'trendy' than 'Bon Chic' so it depends on your style.

    Since you are at the 7th/15th -for daytime start walking towards the river -you'll hit the Invalides/Eiffel Tower etc - and just keep on walking - and walking - and walking. You'll see everything that you would want to see.

    The Marais district is fun for wandering as well (3rd/4th) - it's close to the Pompidou Centre. I would advise you to pick up the free Timeout magazine of what is on (if you can find one - usually at Hotels). If not (and if you feel comfortable with a bit of French) Novamagazine (in all newspaper places) - will really give you the low down on all of the cool stuff (exhibitions, shopping etc)

  10. YES!!!! I was gonna suggest the same thing!! Laduree macaroons, Angelina's hot chocolate, Berthillion ice-cream...

    I only went there for a weekend though....but if u want an itinerary, i could send it to u.
  11. Yes that would be amazing! It would be so helpful, especially if you know where any of the places you mentioned are located. Thanks!
  12. Shop Shop Shop

  13. Here ya go:

    (I found myself drawn to the site after learning the pastries and cakes used in Marie Antoinette came from Laduree!)
  14. Berthillion ice-cream is yum yum yum!
    Musee d'Orsay is beautiful!
    I really liked the Pantheon as well. I didn't do it on my first trip but did the 2nd and was so happy that I did!