Things to do in Melbourne, Aust....LET ME KNOW!!! :-D

  1. Hey ya, Aussie PF members or other PF members who have been to Oz,

    Just wondering if you could post up somethings for me to do :wlae: I'm leaving on Feb 14 and will return to NZ on Feb 18...

    Haven't a clue what I should do... all I know is that I'm going to go to the CHANEL store! :roflmfao:

    Any suggestions on places to eat? Where to shop? What to do?


    Helen :nuts:
  2. Almost missed this!

    Lots of places to shop and eat here. What kind of food do you prefer? We have "streets" dedicated to food. :biggrin: There's Lygon St for Italian food, Victoria St for Vietnamese food, Little Bourke St (aka Chinatown) for Chinese food. There's lots of Japanese / Korean / Greek food all around the city.

    There's lots of shopping to be done here as well. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci are all walking distance from each. They are all on Collins St. David Jones and Myer (department stores) are also a short distance away. Everything in the city is walking distance. Best streets to shop would be Collins St and Bourke St. The public transport in Melbourne is pretty good, so you can hop on a tram to go from one place to another.

    Have fun!
  3. Hello. I lived in Melbourne for one year and had a fantastic time. We lived in Toorak, just next to South Yara and I loved the South Yarra area. Chapel Street in South Yarra is loaded with shopping and restaurants in a not so city center kind of street.

    Collins street is also fantastic for high end shopping. There is a store there called Miss Louise that is great for designer shoes! I bought a pair of Pucci heels there on sale. Maybe worth a visit if your looking for shoes!

    Have fun!
  4. GO SCUBA DIVING!! You will not regret it, also check out some great aussie designers, I personally like Sass and bide and Wyeth
  5. Chapel St is a great place to shop! And it goes on forever! At least two suburbs. Chapel St, South Yarra is where some of poshier shops are. If you walk further down, it becomes Windsor and that's totally different. Funkier. A few OP shops as well.

    Miss Louise isn't a nice place to shop. You can get all your designer bags and shoes in there but the staff are very snotty. Unless they know you have money, they won't bother serving you! Not worth the hassle and not that cheap. Most of the designer things they have in there you can get at the department stores.

    European designer things aren't that cheap in Australia. It's a great place to shop for Australian designer clothes like SC suggested.
  6. Hi Helen

    If the weather's nice catch the tram down to St Kilda - there's the beach and Acland street which has some great cafe's and restaurants (and THE most amazing cake stores). Jackie O's does a great breakfast!

    Shopping on Collins street is fantastic - Chanel, Hermes, Georg Jensen, LV, Tiffany's, Saba. Also in town there's department stores (Myer and David Jones) but down some of the alleys there are stores like Allanah Hill and Zimmerman. Stores like FCUK and Witchery have some great clothes (not too expensive) and I'm a fan of Country Road (some of these stores are also found on Chapel Street). If you do go to Chapel Street, check out Bracewell and Karen Millen. Chapel St also has some great cafes.

    I would tend to stay out of the city at night though and go to either St Kilda, or around South Yarra. Don't forget Melbourne Zoo and there are some great galleries/museums in Melbourne. Man, I love that city, I really miss it.

    Have a great trip
  7. Hi Helen, you're going to love Melbourne. It's my favourite Aussie city. Lygon St is excellent for Italian food, but I prefer the small cafes compared to the more posh restaurants. Southbank is great for food as well, lots of eateries to choose from. I can't remember the name of the restaurant at Southbank, but I do remember the excellent pasta and bread. DH and I went to Isthmus of Kra in South Melbourne which serves fantastic Thai/Chinese food (and I'm not typically a fan of Thai food).

    You'll have a blast. Melbourne city public transport is cheap and easy to use. Get the day card, - Zone 1 is huge, and it's great to be able to zip around town when the shopping bags get too heavy!
  8. OMG - The Isthmus of Kra is FANTASTIC!!! There are some great Pubs around that area (South Melbourne) too.
  9. Oooh! Interesting! I have to try that! Can't say I've ever heard of it! Love Thai food!
  10. :nuts: 0o0o0 wow!!! 0o0o replies!!! Its much nicer to hear suggestions from ppl rather than reading it in a book!!!
    THANKS to you all who have replied!!!! :nuts: am getting super excitied!!!
  11. OMG I was just there, and loved it and you will too Helen! Stay at the Westin, it's right next to Chanel and all the boutiques! One of my fav places to go was St. Kildas beach and eat at the Stokehouse. The Stokehouse pizza was yummy and the view is to die for, especially the sunset! Queen Victoria market was awesome! It's a huge farmer's market and I had the best spinach quiche there. Notice I LOVE food! Haha. I also walked all throughout the Royal Gardens and it was the most peaceful experience there. Let's see...Lygon St., which someone recommended was really fun too! Lots of rest. gelato places, and fun shopping!
  12. Oh, Greville Street (off Chapel Street, Windsor end) has a couple of funky cafes and shops - definitely worth a peek if you're in the area. Prahran Markets are near there too if you love food!

    Stokehouse is great too - it's on the beach and has great food (as USCGerl said).
  13. So glad you enjoyed yourself!!! :nuts: I totally forgot about QV market! Did you enjoy the tennis? How did you find the weather? It didn't get too hot or too cold while you were here... You walked throughout the Botanical Gardens? I can't say that I've done that!!! It's convenient right? Everything within walking distance?
  14. ^ LB, I want to thank you for all your recommendations! We went to the Shark Fin Rest. for dim sum and Papa Ginos for dinner. They were both yummy! Tennis was AWESOME! Granted the weather there was super hot, we got shaded seats and got to see Serena and Roddick! As for the gardens, it was such a great experience! I loved watching all the cute families and it was so serene there. If you do go, make sure to see the children's garden (if you're lucky you can get some free produce), and the pond of water lilies (don't remember the actual name).

    Helen, there is also free transportation! There's the free tourist bus (turquiose color) that has stops around the city. Then theres the Circle Tram which is a cute trolley bus. I took both but would suggest the free tourist one since the Cirlce one was slow.

    Hope that helps! :nuts:
  15. :wlae: 11 days to go... :wlae: hehehehe...