Things to do in Detroit?


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
Where in Michigan are you staying? Not all the things I've listed will be accessible if you'll be in Northern Michigan.

It's going to be pretty cold ... but here are some things that I remember that I used to do when I lived there:

1. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is fabulous.
2. If you like history, try the Henry Ford Museum and/or Greenfield Village.
3. One of the best restaurants in the city (and very fancy) is the Whitney. There are other great restaurants in downtown Birmingham.
4. Shops in downtown Birmingham are fun and there are lots of little restaurants too.
5. There are many small art galleries in downtown Birmingham.
6. The Franklin Cider Mill still might be open when you're there.
7. There's a Museum of Art in Detroit that is quite large.
8. If you'll be in northern MI, Mackinac Island is fun.
9. If you don't mind the drive, go to Frankenmuth -- it's a town where they do Christmas 365 days a year (or maybe 362, something like that).
10. Take a ride in Grosse Pointe and check out all the mansions lining the lake.

That's all I can think of at this second ... maybe I will come up with more, but it's been 11 years since I left MI for CA!
Feb 2, 2006
I second the Detroit Symphony Orchestra recommendation. One of the finest symphonies in the country...probably Detroit's most precious cultural gem.


Fleur's Mom
Feb 9, 2007
the LTB
^^Also agree with the DSO. You could go to Midland (about 20 mins away from Saginaw) and go to the Midland Center for the Arts, they have a great museum. You could also go to the Dow home & garden but you have to book in advance. I would suggest Midland, it's the nicecest city around there (Bay City and Saginasty aren't great at all).

Good luck and have fun!
Jan 4, 2006
You totally have to go to Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall in Auburn Hills, great deals to be found & it is a huge outlet mall with Off Saks & NM


Fleur's Mom
Feb 9, 2007
the LTB
Kolibris, my SO is from Saginaw and he busted up laughing when he saw your post!

HAHAHAHA!!! I'm originally from Flushing, MI about 30 minutes away from there...

I hope I didn't offend him! And I hope he gets the joke...

I always got so scared driving through Saginaw (the serious ghetto part with all-night liquor stores and bars on windows) at night but my dad said it was a shortcut. Right.
I do hope you have a good time, though!


Ma to the d@mn D-E-A
Jan 27, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Detroit is so much fun! Im from Toledo,OH which is super close to Detroit. We always fly into Detroit and spend the day there. I dont know any of the names of the places we go lmao! But I hope you have fun!! When will you be going?