Things to do in Baltimore, MD

  1. I may be visiting Baltimore, MD in the near future. Can anyone give me any ideas or things to do while I'm there besides the National Aquarium? Other fun or famous attractions? Things to do both in the daytime and night? Places to eat that I shouldnt miss? Any nearby outlet malls? Thanks!
  2. Baltimore is such a beautiful, old city. It doesn't have much shopping, though. Sight-seeing (er, people-watching) is great at Harbor Place (on the Chesapeake Bay) and it's fun to walk around Fell's Point (sort of an artsy enclave).

    There's a section of town known as "Little Italy" that is renowned for excellent restaurants, but I've never been there myself.

    If you have the opportunity you might want to try a Maryland Crab Cake...we're famous for them!

    It's a nice place to visit, but IMO, after a day or two you've seen all there is to see in the city.

    Hope you enjoy your visit!
  3. i went to college in bmore, and there's definitely something there for everyone:tup:

    little italy is great, as are most of the inner harbour restuarants.

    my senior year of college a breakfast/ lunch place called 'miss shirley's' opened right off my campus (i was at loyola) and they serve the most amazing selection of food... that's definitely a must hit imo.

    fell's point and canton both have fun little shops and bars.

    an area called hampden has the best vintage shopping, as well as a lot of neat little galleries and handmade goods. it's the most quirky and eclectic little neighborhood, and i used to work in a boutique there in college.

    also, if you're in the mood for the mall, towson has a pretty good one, with a really nice sized Nordstrom rack, where i've always found the BEST deals.
  4. Baltimore is a pretty nice city! I went to college there for around 3 years and enjoyed it very much. The rest of the posters have explained Baltimore pretty well, but if you're looking to get out of the city and see some historical stuff I'd suggest heading to Annapolis and St. Mary's. Both are beautiful places :smile: Annapolis is very water oriented, with the United States Naval Academy located there and numerous docks filled with sailboats and luxurious yachts.
  6. Find John Waters, get him to sign you something and then mail that something to me :graucho: lol. I love that guy.
  7. I'm actually going to be in Baltimore next week for a work trip and as part of a teambuilding activity we are doing a....drumroll....corn maze! For someone who lives in the concrete jungle this is a different experience that I'm looking forward to. Not specifically local to Baltimore, but apparently you can do these kinds of things there!
  8. Hayrides are abundant during halloween season, definitely take advantage of it while you're visiting! I'd also suggest going to Mosaic for some dance nightlife.
  9. I also lived in Maryland for a number of years (Arnold, near Annapolis) and it's funny how you forget what there is to do there! I remember being with friends and saying "What do you want to do? There's nothing to do hereeeee!!!!" lol. So we went on the Naval Academy (my friends and I all came from military families so we still had access) and hunted out Mids to be our new boyfriends, lmao! :tup:
  10. If you'll have a car, MD has some decent wineries if you're into that. Also, you may want to check the MARC train schedules and see if you can get to DC and check it out if you've never been. Enjoy your trip!
  11. Who is he?:confused1:

  12. He's a film director, and my favorite one! He's originally from Baltimore and he still lives there... so I dream of flying up there sometime and running into him LOL. Which might be a little difficult considering Baltimore is kind of a big place, right??
  13. There are many, many more things to do in Baltimore than there were just 5 or 10 year ago - the shopping has gotten MUCH better - many new shops are opening downtown, in Fells Point and in Canton - which are THE places to live (especially Canton) for young people. Harborplace at the Inner Harbor can be interesting...and the Gallery, which is across the street, has some very nice stores -

    No department stores downtown - they closed many years ago - Towsontown Mall has a great Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. South of Baltimore on the way to Annapolis is Arundel Mills - outlet stores, including Saks Off Fifth and Neiman's Last Call -

    There are also many good restaurants other than in Little Italy - very much improved in the past 10 years - for instance, downtown there is Ruths Chris, Mortons, Roy's, The Prime Rib, Louisiana, Bicycle, etc., etc.. I also recommend Mama's on the Halfshell - you can look it up - wonder oysters! :tup: