THings to do in a lifetime

  1. Hi all,

    just browsing the web and came across this website

    My 50 things to do in my lifetime

    it's a pretty good ides you can put your list on an set deadlines.

    so......What would be you top 5 things to do in your lifetime?
  2. i made a list when i was about 16 of things i wanted to do or experience before i died. i enjoy checking them off (haven't had the opportunity to do so in a while though...should work on that!)

    top five (for now):
    become a mom
    earn a college degree
    visit every country in europe
    become a published author
    take a roadtrip across the US
  3. My list is mostly places to visit (Luxor, Alexandria, Athens, Cambodia (Angkor Wat), Peru (Manchu Picu), Teotihuacan, Easter Island.. list is really long).

    Otherwise, it'd be the usual -

    become a mom
    best my dad careerwise
    write a novel
  4. I have a list of 100 things that I want to do in my lifetime from when I was younger. I've accomplished some of them (getting a college degree, going to Ireland & Russia), but some I think were a little too daydreaming *cough* making out with George Clooney *cough*

    1. Travel the World
    2. Get my PhD
    3. Publish a book (LOL, I'd settle for an article this year)
    4. Learn Italian & Ukrainian
    5. Build my own library
  5. My brother's working on his 30 before 30 list right now (he has 2 more months to go) and has inspired me to make my own random list as well.

    Top 5:
    1. Run a marathon. (Bro ran his first one this year and i was sooo proud of him, especially since he's not really an athletic/sporty person. :smile:)
    2. Buy a house.
    3. Travel to the US. I've always wanted to go to New York city.
    4. Get into law school. I'm taking the LSAT this September and applying for admission next year.
    5. Buy a Hermes Birkin. :love: hey, this is tPF.
  6. I guess mine would be:
    1. A 3 month trip through Europe
    2. Finish my PhD (this will be done!)
    3. Read all the classics (I'm currently working on this)

    Other than that there are little things that I'm sure will happen :smile:
  7. 1. Retire
    2. Pay off my mortgage
    3. go to Disney World! ;)
    4. Take a car trip through the Western US, seeing all the sights!
    5. Go to Alaska, and Hawaii
    6. See Australia
    7. Move back to my hometown, and if possible buy the house I grew up in...

    That's enough for now! ;)
  8. 1. Get at least a masters degree.
    2. Travel the world.
    3. Own my own home.
    4. Read 5,000 books.
    5. Have a good career.
  9. 1. Learn to speak French
    2. Live in Paris for a year
    3. Get Married
    4. Start a family
    5. Find a truly rewarding job
  10. 1. Finish school and get masters in Acctg.
    2. Earn CPA cert. and become a CFO.
    3. Travel around Europe.
    4. Master my 3rd language, Spanish.
    5. Have a big happy family.
  11. I actually made a list awhile ago...I can't choose my top 5 so here's some random ones.

    (Number 1 has always been the same)
    1 - travel all around the world & experience different cultures
    2 - go skiing in the French Alps or Switzerland
    3 - go to space (very unrealistic though lol)
    4 - finish university & find a career I truly love
    5 - live in the city
  12. -definitely travel the world.
    -eat different types of ethnic cuisines.
    -finish university & find rewarding job that i love
    -find a future mate
    -have three wonderful kids. ( and if possible twins would be cool )
    -live in new york city and in paris for awhile and really become a "local"

    i have so many more, but i just can't think of them all.;)
  13. 1. Get married (and stay happily married)
    2. Have children
    3. Meet all my online friends
    4. Go to Disney World
    5. Buy some good animation art
  14. - definitely travel and specifically to Paris, Moscow, and Egypt
    - have a forever sort of relationship with someone who is also my best friend
    - paint or sculpt or create jewelry and then exhibit
    - read every novel by a certain Russian author (I think I'm only a short novella away)
    - become a millionaire

    I think I had a list when I was younger as well, I just don't know where it is?
  15. What a great thread!


    1 - own a horse (a farm would be great, but I'll start with the horse)
    2 - Live on the water
    3 - Be the best mom I can be
    4 - Travel to Italy
    5 - Own another rottweiler (I used to have one and miss him dearly)

    I did manage to cross a lifetime dream off my list 7 years ago - swim with dolphins - was an incredible experience, you can't imagine how magical they are until you spend some time with them.:girlsigh: