Things to Buy INSTEAD of Purses!


Mar 16, 2022
This is not to discourage spending money on purses, but it's always a good reminder that there's a whole world out there outside of handbags or handbags collecting! :biggrin:

So what have you spent money on recently that isn't handbags or handbags related things? (That includes things you bought for your purchase history haha!) I've recently spent money on a family vacation, some nice dinners out, and an arcade date to win an expensive plushie.
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Feb 26, 2022
I have stop my Chanel bag collection and sold all my bags away (except a fabric one) instead to recoup money so that I can pay off my mortgage asap.

Since then, I have not purchase any high end item. Instead I am enjoying my one and only fabric Chanel bag to the core. I took it out for dates-movie dates, lunches with hubby.

So far the big ticket spending are movies, lunch in restaurants and food deliveries.

I feel if I have only one Chanel bag, I will put all my attention on it and enjoy it so much! (in the past, its always in storage, never to see the light. After I sold the rest off, I carry it every time I go out).