Things that most people like but you don't

  1. I don't like sushi and can't stand reality TV shows (with the exception of So You Think You Can Dance).
  2. Most reality shows, especially the ones on MTV, including the dancing ones. Most sitcoms.

    The actor/actress that portray Bella and Edward in the Twilight movies. I'm so irked I can't bring myself to watch the movies.

    Mustard/ketchep on burgers or hotdogs. I like 'em plain.
  3. Tomatoes (The one thing my mom said I'd love when I got older. Nope.)
    Nuts in cookies and brownies (Really? You NEEDED to screw up a perfectly good cookie or brownie?)
  4. Oprah (her and her show... and the horse she rode in on! LOL), apple pie and most other apple/cinnamon concoctions, though I like both apples and cinnamon, game shows, reality dating shows, dancing shows... actually I dislike most of what's on tv.
  5. Cranberry juice
  6. Cucumber & socks :p
  7. ^ LOL I hate socks too! I love cucumbers though :p
  8. ranch dressing! the smell makes me wanna hurl!
  9. shell fish. We love shell fish. It's almost fat free.
  10. -Chocolate and peanut butter (together)
    -Joel McHale - I used to think he was funny and have watched enough of him to realize he's just plain mean
    -Grey's Anatomy
  11. Beer. I don't like the taste or smell.
  12. Lots of stuff!

    -Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, myspace, etc.)
    -Reality TV
    -Most television series/sitcoms (Grey's Anatomy, etc.)
    -Fancy cars- I just don't care if I am driving a Nissan/Hyundai v. a Mercedes, etc. I'm not into cars at all.
  13. Ice cream or hot chocolate. :nogood:
  14. sushi
  15. Texting 24/7
    Watching football
    Pie (except French silk/chocolate)
    A lot of mainstream pop/rock