Things that most people like but you don't

  1. Jelly beans.....
  2. * Ugg Boots

    * Tea - I need coffee!

    * Most Coach designs
  3. Longchamp bags
  4. Wearing torn up looking jeans...I don't get it. Looks trashy & not cute, imo.
  5. me too!
  6. Alcohol, dancing, TV in general, jalepeno peppers, relationships, coffee, facials, oral s**, tanning, hugs from strangers, mustard, Black Friday sales, Fair rides, dressing in costumes for Halloween or conventions, celebrating Holidays and Birthdays, the club & bar scene, dressing ultra girly, bright lights indoors & really sunny days outdoors, going on dates, fake nails, short hair
  7. Lounging around at the beach
    Hot weather
    Hot tubbing
    Tomato sauce, tomatoes
  8. Alcoholic drinks in general
  9. Alcohol-gives me headaches
    Rainy days
  10. wow on some of these ladies comments! i'm afraid to post now!
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    Driving. I do not like driving, I am scared to death by the thought of a stick shift. I do have a license, but have not driven a car since 2006. I am addicted to cars, though - old classic GM cars from 1940s-1970s.


  12. Iced tea
  13. Beer
  14. Alcohol, action movies, cartoons, sunny days, summer, baseball, electronics, stuffed animals, decorating the inside of a car with stuff hanging from the mirror and stuff on the back shelf, under the back windshield (stuffed animals again!), reality TV shows.
  15. Twitter, olives, clubbing/partying, pretzels, football, people who have no talent but are somehow famous ie the kardashians, American idol or any other talent show