Things that makes you sad

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  1. Things around you that makes you sad and worried. post things you see or think in your daily life that makes you feel sad and worried some times.
  2. When one of my children is hurting.
  3. Abused children and animals. Shreds me.
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  4. Love lost.
  5. The ASPCA commercials make me sad. Seeing homeless dogs makes me sad.

    My husband's job worries me. A coworker was killed on the job a few months ago. I have had to get him to the emergency room more than once in the past year because he's been assaulted on the job.
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  6. awwwwww.....sad
  7. Liars.
  8. ^^ Lol

    Child sexual/physical/emotional abuse. Drive me to tears.
    Child abduction
    Third World hunger & poverty
    Cancer (especially in children)
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  9. Anything bad happening to a dog. :sad:
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  10. Homeless and/or abused animals. My pup getting older.
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  11. Any living creature that is abused

    Violence and intolerance.

    Aging (some aspects of it)
  12. Having to think about the things that make me sad.:sad::sad:
  13. Roadkill ☹
  14. That chemo and cancer are so common that they advertise related drugs and services on tv commercials.
  15. -Anytime something bad happens to animals
    But the past week I've been so very sad about what happened to Asad Shah...
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