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  1. Just did a little research....look into the brand ASH.
    They also make very nice suede ankle booties, quite similar to IM dickers and more comfy as I read on blog reviews. The style is called Jalouse. Price is from 200-234 USD a pair. :biggrin:

  2. Will do...thanks so much!
  3. :smile:
    Got more info on the brand:


    Ash is a fresh, young Italian based footwear brand founded in 2001 by Patrick Ithier, who combined his 20 years of high fashion experience with the endeavour of producing his own collection of fabulous footwear.

    Ithier has honed his signature style of unique designs using only the highest quality leathers which are sourced from some of the leading Tanneries including Incas, who supply labels such as Balenciaga, Dior and YSL. The ASH collection reflects the use of these luxury materials whilst adding a sense of individual style and close attention to detail.

    The success of the Ash brand lies within its capacity to evolve and its willingness to reinvent itself whilst staying true to its core beliefs."
  4. FYI: ASH footwear runs small so size up at least half a size or read the reviews on that particular style before you buy. I ended up going up a full size in both pairs of ASH boots I own.
  5. Yes, ash runs small. I can't wear them because they only go up to size 41 and I'd be a 42 in their sizing. Such a shame as I really like some of their shoes. They are a great alternative to Isabel marant.
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    I also looked up this boot in the reviews.
    How come in the reviews of the Jalouse, it's TTS or just slightly bigger in the usual size?
    And all reviews said, very comfortable.
    Am seriously thinking of getting a pair in Wood Ash in my size , or maybe I did already?:biggrin:
    I need this color so much to match mostly my colored dark jeans and I have too many black boots already.

    Check out the 2nd paragraph.
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    Oh, I really like these!! Thank you thank you! Where are you buying them from? Very interesting about the fit of these compared to the Acne and IM's (both tdf!). My foot is exactly the same (38.5, narrow heel, high instep, mine is semi-wide at the front) and she says that the other two brands didn't fit her...hmmm. I actually think these might look better on me too...the lower opening might be more flattering on my super-skinny chicken ankles.
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    From the UK. Got them in suede in wood ash.
    I think for a style that I can't wear year round as the weather here in HK is quite restricting and limiting, then I don't want to invest too much in them and the price for Ash is very reasonable. They look so nice and fit so comfy from the reviews. That is the most important consideration.
    For knee high boots, I have boots from Fiorentini + Baker and they don't go on sale especially for the popular colors so I had to pay full price but these are knee-high and look delicious with the motos.:p

    I am size 36 and with about the same foot description as yours but I envy your skinny chicken ankles.
    Mine is not chicken but from a big puppy.
    What color do you plan to get?
  9. I am totally wanting a black and taupe pair of these Ash boots now! Can't decide on size though... The only Euro size shoes I own are 15 yr old Dansko a 38. I am a size 7 US in UGG boots (I know...but they are sooo comfy) and an 8 US in pretty much everything else. What do you think? Btw...the Chloe boots are insanely pricey...and not really my style...but they are amazing nonetheless.
  10. Any suggestions for tall boots...I have super skinny (bony) legs and it is so hard to find small calved boots (prob. why I haven't bought any in years). My darn legs!!
  11. Yes, the Chloe boots are stunning but totally not my personality, so pretty safe!! Yey!!
    UGG boots you size down so you're a US size7 so Italian 38 or 38.5.
    I have one in chocolate and in chestnut both in size 5.
    Get from a shop that accepts returns and exchanges.
    From Ash, Get a black one in 38 and a taupe one in 39 and try on both fit and see which fits best.

    For skinny calves, I suggest Stuart Weitzmann 5050. Although its over the knee style but it's half leather in front and suede at the back with elastic.
    Also the Fiorentini + baker-- it will slouch or puddle at the ankles so nicely but you have to try them in person if you can.
    I have mid size calves.
  12. Which f&b boots do you have? Just got 2 pairs of the eternity boots...haven't worn them out yet, but I'm so happy that I finally found something that fits around my chicken legs...I usually have to get boots altered bc my calves r so darn skinny

    Try f&b...worked for me :smile:
  13. I have the Bi boots, the 2-in-one boot, that is both a tall boot and can remove the shaft to use as an ankle boot in black size 36 since fit is TTS.
    I also have the Eternity boots in Ice Taupe in size 36 and I should've sized down to 35 as advised but I wanted so much this color and it's the last size but its ok, don't mind it a bit long. Still looks cool.:biggrin:
    Bought them 2 years ago, I think, about July, 2010.
  14. Pant, the FB eternity boots... So, they fit skinny legs? The ones with the buckles right? Hey, with all of your help, I think I might be getting the hang of this boot buying thing! lol
  15. Congrats on the sale price!!! The black sell out very fast so this is rarely on sale.