Things that are overrated, in your opinion

  1. In my humble opinion:

    - Sub-Zero refridgerators. My mom was really excited to get one... but now we have to ask Dad to open it because of the super suction! Is that why they are so expensive? Coco-nut, do you know?

    - Blackberries, Sidekicks
  2. ^Oooh, we always put those in! NOT overrated! LOL!

    Overrated. . . Donald Trump
  3. Overrated = Body Wraps

    I feel good for 5 minutes after and then my skin feel exactly the same as when I walked in

    Overrated = Massages

    Who wants to hurt after a massage? I don't.
  4. ^LOL! You always crack me up!

    Gotta agree about the wrap. . . I don't let the masseuses hurt me though! LMBO!
  5. I'd have to agree with Sidekicks, T-mobile never got mine working right and I ended up returning it and getting a Blackberry.
  6. Definitely -- I do NOT like it if a messeuse or pedicurist (sp? is that even a word?) get overzealous to the point that they cause discomfort. If I want to do something painful that's good for me I'll hit the dentist. Spas are for fun!
  7. I have to tell ya, I've got BAD experiences with massages. My last one was from a man named Auturo with thumbs the size of doorknobs.:yes: I kid you not. I felt like someone ran me down with a tractor trailer for the next 3 days.:Push:
  8. LV

  9. Extremely expensive hair color jobs, hello, it's not surgery..
  10. lol!!
  11. IMHO...Krispy Kremes.

    They just opened one in Hong Kong. They didn't impress me when I had them in the US, and they didn't impress me when I had them last week. Yuck!
  12. Boys.

    (Grrrrrr !!!!)

  13. Yes, boys, overrated, men...:graucho:
  14. Well, men are a whole different story of course. :graucho:
  15. :yes: yup!!!