Things like these make me cry

  1. $20 Panda Keyring and $850 MC Theda

    ugh. i kinda wish i bought an extra panda keyring when they were available.. and store it.. and sell it for like $3-350 like the other sellers on ebay are doing. haha. mine is worth.. well, priceless.. cuz i got it heatstamped and it's all dirty with water/grease/oil/pen marks, and it's very tan. haha.
  2. Hasn't someone been hustling 20$ panda keyrings on eBay for quite some time now ? They always seem to use the same photo !
  3. yea! they are/have!
  4. How can they sell it so cheap? The original was $140, wonder what's wrong with them?
  5. they can't be real...
  6. all of it are fake. the real panda keyrings have an LV logo stamped on the rivet by the panda's ear.. not the "LOUIS VUITTON" lettering.
  7. Can you post a picture of your tan Panda keychain? I'm just curious to see what it looks like after normal use. :smile:
  8. sure thing:

    there you go. :smile: note the stains/watermarks and my pretty heatstamping. :nuts:
  9. the theda auction was removed, i wanted to see it too, rats