Things I NEVER would have known if it weren't for tPF...

  1. 1) My vernis agenda has DEEP embossing. And that's a GOOD thing! Who knew to even look?

    2) My Neverfull seams are slightly misaligned. And that's a BAD thing, lol! Who knew to even look?

    3) Vachetta, we curse you, we adore you, oh you difficult difficult thing. Sun, rain, you are enemies of the precious vachetta!

    4) My agenda is made in Spain - woo hoo, since all my other pieces are made in the USA (who knew there was a preference)!

    5) A Speedy, owned by probably hundreds of thousands of women worldwide, can still be uniquely beautiful and deserving of a compliment upon purchase! (Boy, do I notice the shape of people's speedies on the streets of NY now, sometimes even wincing!!)

    Those are just my personal revelations - anyone else? My neuroses are increasing by the minute thanks to tPF!!!:p
  2. A LOT, of course or practically everything i know about bags. hhmmm..... let me see:
    1) the newest and upcoming collections
    2) date codes - what they mean and where to look
    3) how to take care and clean vachetta
    4) that the speedy is the most popular LV bag - coz i used to think it was something only my grandmother would use. LOL! and now i have 2 of them!
    5) much needed advice and suggestions about bags
  3. Tracy.. that's so cute! Great observations!

    I have been on LV purse boards for years, so the main thing for me, is falling in love with something that I probably would have otherwise not even looked at twice.

    For instance the hearts.. I went from thinking it was a useless, expensive trinket.. to calling LV everyday to see where I am on the waitlist!! LOL

    By reading about it here.. makes me feel I need it too!! hehe
  4. Oh, I know! I am pining for a Jack and Lucie, and even if I could find one at the original retail price of $240 or whatever, it's ridiculously overpriced and more than I had ever even spent on a bag before August of last year!! Terrible!
  5. Any question I have about LV can be answered by someone in the forum
    Dates codes and the fickle vachetta
    That my wishlist will never be complete.
    That Superfakes exist.
    People (including me) take pictures of their handbags.
  6. Great thread!

    Here's what I've learned:

    -date code specifics
    -great ways to prevent Speedy sag
    -that my white MCs can discolor
    -everything i wanted to know about vachetta but was afraid to ask
    -that i am not alone in my LV obsession
  7. This is fun!! I've learned so much!
    -upcoming collections
    -how to prevent speedy sag
    -mr. clean eraser is magic for my vachetta
    -there are people that are as anal as me about defects, scratches, etc.
    -and so much more that I can't think of!!!
  8. -new items (release date, price, style...)
    -pros/cons of bags
    -how to accessorize(keychains/scarfs) your accessories(bags)
    -popular items
    -price increase dates
  9. all the LE items!
    I would NEVER know the up and coming...I feel like the smart kid in the class when I go to the boutique and my SA and I are chatting, and already know the new stuff she's telling me, and she seems a tad impressed that I'm familiar with all the names and up-coming items.

    yeah, that's right. tpf makes me feel like the smart kid in the class/knowledgable consumer in the boutique.:idea:
  10. I wouldn't know anything. Simple as that. From what materials LV uses, to different lines, to price increases, to who designs for LV, to well everything! TPF has taught me so much.
  11. I simply wouldn't a thing about LV. From what materials LV uses, to who designs for them, to what lines are what and just about everything. TPF has taught me so much.
  12. - how to take care of the vernis that I love so much and to protect it from the evil receipts and newspapers
    - how to read date codes
    - for the most part, deterine between real and fake bags
    - patina
    - how many people love LV
    - price increases
    - that the multicolore print can wear off after a long long long time
    - the raspberry alcantra lining can bleed
    - mr. clean eraser tricks
    - how cute the wapity really is

    ...... AND the power of persuasion

    basically everything :smile:
    i :heart: tpf
  13. - date codes
    - how to baby my Vernis
    - Mr. Clean magic eraser
    - Someone can assist to authenticate here for free
    - Legit second hand web sites/sellers
    - Upcoming releases
  14. oh, i've learned so much on this site! my DH calls tpf a bad influence, for it's only fueled my purse obsession...the best thing about tpf is knowing that there are people just as crazy obsessed about purses, LV for that matter, as i am! this is definitely my go to site for new bags and release dates, price increase information, modeling pics and the pros and cons of different bags, i've learned how to actually read date codes, and have done search after search for all sorts of useful information. :tpfrox::dothewave:
  15. I learned a lot from tPF.

    LV - date codes
    Chanel - authenticity card, hologram stickers

    And the most important thing is members here is very nice and helpful;)(authentication service is the best:tup:).