Things I have learned about buying bags through trial and error...

  1. I can't do white or really light bags. The dirt makes me crazy.

    I can't do arm bags, but am going to try again this fall!

    I hate open tops. Makes me paranoid that everything will fall out or get stolen.

    I love big big bags.

    I like Louis Vuitton after all!

    Anyone else have their list to share? This forum has made me really think about these things!
  2. This is cute! Here's my list:

    -I need bags that are big enough to hold folders and/or writing pad without bending them...

    -...I also need the inner zip pocket to be deep enough to hold my wallet

    -No matter how hard I try, the lining will inevitably get stained- the main culprit being the condensation from my cold water bottle

    -Not all black bags look good on me/ my shoulder
    and the biggest lesson is...
    -Just because a bag is on sale doesn't mean I should buy it!!!
  3. Don't buy on impulse.
    Try a bag on before buying- just 'cos it looks pretty sat on a table doesn't mean it's comfy or functional.
    No light colour bags- my jeans always transfer colour and i can't stand them looking dirty.
    I like medium size bags, too small or too big drives me nuts!!
  4. If I think it's too big, it probably is, and I won't be happy with it, no matter how hard I try to make it otherwise.

    It it doesn't have enough organizational pockets and at least one outside slip pocket, I won't be happy with it. And no, pursekets and chameleons don't work for me; I want the organization built into the bag, not an afterthought.

    If I'm buying on the spur of the moment, I dump my stuff on the counter and make it fit into the new bag before I buy (if I'm buying in person). I've been burned too many times by the stars in my eyes...
  5. I've probably heard a better bag buying tip sometime or somewhere, but I can't remember what it is.

    Another one of those things that makes you go "oh DUH. Why in the world did this never occur to me?"

    Thanks! Although I am on a Total and Eternal Shopping Ban, I firmly believe you will have changed the course of entire wardrobes with this.

    My own Bag Buying Tips are nowwhere near as spectacular, but in case they will be useful to anybody, I originally posted them talking about buying metallic bags, but they are equally applicable to all bags so just substitute any color for the term "metallic" in the below:
    Link to Original Post

    And in case it is necessary, I will point out that just as the wrong color, or shade or tone of a color, can do things TO your skin, hair, etc, obviously the right color can do fabulous things FOR your skin, hair, etc!

    A bag may be beautiful, but unless it enhances YOUR beauty, unles you are planning to buy it for purely display purposes, leave it on the shelf, no matter how much you love it.

    You may be blinded by the stars in your eyes now, but sooner or later you will realize that it does not do a thing for your skin or your hair, or bring out some color or other in your eyes, if you have colored eyes, or that the silhouette makes your butt look fat from a certain angle, and when you do get around to noticing that, you will stop using the bag, and the laws of the universe being what they are, if you are a bag flipper, your sharpie marker will have gone pipi all over the lining and you won't be able to get much for it on eBay.

    So avoid all that trauma, and embrace the truth that any bag that does not make you look more beautiful is somebody else's bag, and leave it there for her, while you go find the bag the universe has chosen for you!
  6. :blush: Thanks, ShimmaPuff! And this little routine actually became the easiest thing in the world to do, after all of the SAs I've ever asked (if I could do that) said "Sure, no problem, I can understand that you'd want to do that". It made me feel like it was a perfectly ordinary thing to ask.

    You have no idea how much fun it is when other ladies get into the whole thing, too - there was one who was actually almost holding her breath for me, as I was making things fit into the possible new family member. :smile:
  7. A new TPF spectator sport!:p
  8. I agree with just because it's on sale doesn't mean I need to buy it. I buy a lot of bags on the net and I've learned if I love it, I need to think about it for at least a day before I order it. That keeps the middle of the night impulse buying, cancelling the next day or returning it to a minium.
  9. Each season, decide on which bags you like best. When sale season comes around, only buy those bags that you liked originally.
  10. Just because everyone else buys several bags in the same style, but in different colors, doesn't mean I have to as well.

    (I learned this the hard way after spending a few months on the Balenciaga forum...oy...)
  11. The most important thing I've learned (the hard and expensive way) is not to get caught up in the hype about a 'must have' bag.

    I've flirted with other designers but realised that Mulberry bags are the best for me.
    It's got to be unstructured, no boxy shapes.
    If a shoulder bag, it's got to have one strap. Two straps just fall off my shoulders.
    I have to know what it's like to carry with all my stuff in so I take out all the stuffing in the shop & walk around with all my gear in it before deciding.
    If I don't love it I don't buy!
  12. That's so true about making sure all your stuff fits in the bag. No matter how much I love a bag, if I have to spend several minutes rearranging my stuff to make it all fit, I'll rarely use it.

    I've learned that the hard way, so now, before I buy a bag in a store, I put all my stuff in it to see how it fits.
  13. - take the time to learn your own style.....first

    - it IS possible to like a bag, find it beautiful and NOT buy it

    -resale value does matter, tastes change

    -carry what YOU like, not what others like

    -be open to color

    -and have fun with your bags, life is too short
  14. A bag has to hold my stuff (so like IndiaInk and others, I do a transfer of essential stuff when in stores) and it has to be secure. I've had my wallet lifted, and more than my share of bag spills, so won't carry a bag unless at least one good-sized compartment has a clasp or zipper.

    Bags ordered on the internet usually arrive smaller than what I envision. I'm tall and most sites use models the size of, well, not me. I keep a tape measure at my desk to help me conceptualize, and maintain a list of measurements for bags already owned. Helps me to avoid size disappointment.

    I am fonder than many of bold hardware, but it has to be quality.

    I have a good -- okay, great ;) -- eye for color, so seldom make color mistakes. But I have learned that sometimes a pop of color can elevate an outfit, so I'll buy an unusual color IF I LOVE that color and own at least one outfit it will showcase marvelously. Otherwise, I simply spend even more money accessorizing my bag with new clothes.

    I've learned that I cannot, under any circumstances, carry off pink, cutesy, or little shoulder bags, all of which look utterly silly on me and have ever since I was a teen. I kept trying "cute" for years, though. Now I know small bags must be clutches or wristlets.

    It saves all kinds of money to buy only bags I totally, truly love. If I keep going back to it again and again, that signals a candidate for purchase.
  15. Here's what i've learned, even if it's only been over the course of a year or two:

    1. No matter how cute a smaller bag is, it is NOT FOR ME! I need bigger bags. I need the room just in case I carry a larger book, or need to fit mittens inside or something odd like that.

    2. Black bags look bad on me. They're too harsh...brown is better!

    3. I like bags with gold hardware, but I prefer silver jewelry. This isn't an issue, as it doesn't look bad when I wear both.

    4. Even though I can't afford them without saving for a few months (on minimum wage, i'm a college student!) one or two designer bags are better for me instead of a bunch of cheaper ones. The cheaper bags always left me with something else to be desired, but I appreciate the quality, look, and MMMM SMELL of more expensive bags.

    5. Vachetta leather isn't really my thing because if it starts to get dirty at all, I won't want to use the bag anymore and that's not good.