Things I didn't buy today

  1. I'm trying to behave myself and stay on budget until the fall bags come in but temptation has me on speed-dial. I resisted temptation today by saying no to a bag that was really, really pretty but way out of budget.

    It occurred to me that we needed a thread for those of us who also need to just say no while we save up for our special purchases. We spend a lot of time posting messages of encouragement (buy it!) but rarely do we praise each other for willpower.

    This is that thread. Share your stories. I'm proud of you.:tup:
  2. Well, I resisted buying a pomme zippy. That was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to resist. I don't know if I can resist it the next time I go in. btw, what bag did you not buy today?
  3. I resisted the Gold Street PM the other week. It's taking alot of strength not to go to LV and ask to see it again. So pretty!
  4. I resisted buying a damier azur speedy. it was so hard. I try not to look at it in the display case so I won't be tempted..but then the SA accidentally grabbed the wrong dustbag the other day, so I ended up with an azur in my hands! It took a lot of self control not to blurt out "wrap it up!!! I'll take it!".
  5. I'm trying to resist the good deals on eBay, plus the new black denim noe cabby mm and the pomme pegase (keep telling myself I don't have chance to use it~). I must stay strong until the new fall bags! :hysteric:
  6. I am trying to resist the Black Neo Cabby but I know I am going to lose. My store is out of stock and hopefully it will stay that way for three more months! LOL
  7. I resisted buying a sunset blvd in amarante
    it was love at first sight thingy but when I saw it in real life, it was just too small for me
    I bought roxbury instead but everytime I see pics of sunset blvd here, I try really really hard not to click on elux "buy it now" button
  8. I am trying to resist the Ecru Stratus or Nimbus and Black Neo Cabby. Very difficult! How I resist is by looking at my current CC balance! :push:
  9. I'm resisting everything but Pomme heart & Stratus PM! It's taking ALOT of willpower!
  10. I resisted a black patent Chanel Luxury bowler! (I know, I know, cheating on LV!). But it did take all my willpower! Must wait for the Degrade Speedy in September!
  11. Love this thread. I've resisted buying a roxbury after drooling over it in Pomme since February. I'm resisting buying the Suhali Le Confident right now because I need to save some dough. Keep up the good work, gals and guys.
  12. Today I resisted a applehead chihuahua girl puppy, pink sony laptop :drool: fendi spy & LV sunnies & wedge heels..i also want one of those mini mercedes that i had to resist asking my uncle to buy for me today (he said he would :shrugs:)
  13. I resisted on buying the monogram shawl in pink and only bought it in brown, but now I'm so sad I didn¡t get it in pink too.

    Everytime i wear anything pink I just miss the perfect pink shawl to go with the clothes.

    I might be getting it next time i go to the shop ;)
  14. Trying to resist the cerises keepall and a few other things on let-trade right now. I can't go into a LV store- it's just to tempting, so I just torture myself with elux, and pictures from tpf.
  15. i see all of these great deals, and im actually saving for a car!
    every time i do and deposit money into the bank, i think "there goes another great deal limited edition bag on eBay..."
    but i know in the end the car will be better than a bag. i hope.